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My tweets [Jan. 24th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Jan. 23rd, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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The Jared Rimer show [Jan. 22nd, 2017|01:40 pm]
Jared Rimer
Hi folks,

The Jared Rimer show is now out and on the RSS feed. Here is the playlist, and I hope you'll enjoy.

This is the podcast version of the Jared Rimer show with emusic, Magnatune, CD baby, and other independant artists. An interesting short CD this time, and lots of music.

Artist: Gianmarco Leone
Title: Rain on the Sea
Duration: 03:19
Artist: Ac Rock
Title: Rock'n Me
Duration: 03:13
Artist: Josh Vietti
Title: I Don't Mind
Duration: 04:07
Artist: Maccabeats
Title: Shed a Little Light
Duration: 03:38
Artist: MC6 A Cappella
Title: Sh-Boom
Duration: 02:24
Artist: Rising Appalachia
Title: Wider Circles
Duration: 05:06
Artist: The Shamash Ensemble
Title: Hava Nagilah (Celebration Version)
Duration: 01:50
Artist: Jon Richards
Title: The Sacred Tree
Duration: 09:34
Artist: DJ Lhasa
Title: Giulia (Gabry Ponte Rmx Fm Cut)
Duration: 03:18
Artist: J.Walker
Title: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Duration: 03:11
Artist: Phonograph
Title: Come 2 Party (Come 2 Radio)
Duration: 03:39
Artist: The Others
Title: Breaking Up the Pieces (Double 's' Edit)
Duration: 03:02
Artist: Heather Johnson
Title: Washes Over Me (Rasmus Faber Epic Vocal Mix) (Rasmus Faber E
Duration: 07:49
Artist: Barbara Tucker
Title: One Desire (Abel Ramos Ibiza With Love Mix)
Duration: 07:31
Artist: Cookie Monsterz
Title: Spread Love (Reelsoul Vocal)
Duration: 07:57
Artist: Ananda Project
Title: Kiss Kiss Kiss (Alternate Mix Re-Edit) [feat. Heather Johnso
Duration: 07:38
Artist: Grayson Wray
Title: Universal Girl
Duration: 04:58
Artist: Geoff Cawthorn
Title: Time in a Minor Key
Duration: 06:03
CD of the day: Doda Mollie's Passover Party
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Let's Get Ready For Pesach
Duration: 00:47
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Simcha Raba
Duration: 00:48
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Look Who's Here
Duration: 01:59
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: It's A Haggadah
Duration: 00:26
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Make A Matza
Duration: 00:44
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: I'm A Little Matza
Duration: 00:34
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Bang! Bang! Bang!
Duration: 01:22
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Oh Listen!
Duration: 00:45
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: One Morning~Frogs
Duration: 00:55
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Dayenu
Duration: 01:48
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Avadim Hayenu
Duration: 01:30
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Afikoman
Duration: 00:56
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Don't Sit On The Afikoman
Duration: 01:05
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Four Questions~Mah Nishtana
Duration: 02:14
end of CD
Artist: Acappella Children
Title: It's About Jesus
Duration: 03:44
Artist: Beegie Adair, Christopher Phillips & David Osborne
Title: Joy to the World
Duration: 02:33
Artist: Cleveland Wehle
Title: Do Androids Dream?
Duration: 09:21
Artist: Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan
Title: Eight Candles
Duration: 02:20
Artist: Peter Davidson
Title: Dune Pulse
Duration: 05:28
Artist: The Color Bars
Title: End of the Corporate Age
Duration: 04:19
Artist: Doda Mollie
Title: Yodelay Do Potato
Duration: 02:55
Artist: Tonality Acappella
Title: There Is A Fountain
Duration: 00:57
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Light One Candle
Duration: 02:42
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Uninvited
Duration: 04:01
Artist: Eduardo Gonzalez
Title: Siciliana et Rigaudon (Fritz Kreisler)
Duration: 05:18
Artist: Emily Burridge
Title: Rain Man Sings
Duration: 06:07
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My tweets [Jan. 22nd, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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How have things been going? [Jan. 22nd, 2017|09:07 am]
Jared Rimer

I just thought I'd write to let you know that I'm doing fine. Parts of the country are just getting rain, and we're getting more of it including an airiel advisory.

Here is what Weather Decition Technologies say about the advisory and what it means, as I've seen it lately, and have not known what it means.

Good morning Jared,

Thank you for contacting Weather Decision Technologies. An Areal Flood Advisory is an alert from the National Weather Service that "is issued for flooding that develops more gradually, usually from prolonged and persistent moderate to heavy rainfall. This results in a gradual ponding or buildup of water in low-lying, flood prone areas, as well as small creeks and streams".

If you have any questions, please let us know!

James Gustina

This is very interesting. The advisory indicates prolonged periods of rain, so this does make sense. Just thought I'd pass this along, and make it a great day.
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This edition of the Saturday Afternoon Hangout [Jan. 21st, 2017|07:39 pm]
Jared Rimer
Hi folks,

On this edition of the podcast, we've got a bit we talk about and the show notes are below. Go to the RSS feed to get your copy and enjoy!

On this edition of the show, we talk about the following articles listed below, as well as other things. Jacob Sexton also joins us, and we have an announcement at the end. We also play some great music as well. I hope you enjoy the podcast version of the show.

The show is 3 hours 7 minutes. Enjoy!
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My tweets [Jan. 21st, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Jan. 20th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Jan. 19th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Jan. 18th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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