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My tweets [Feb. 22nd, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Feb. 21st, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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I'm really liking this new schedule [Feb. 20th, 2017|09:27 pm]
Jared Rimer
Hey folks,

I'm really liking my new schedule. I can sleep a little later, which is always nice. Since I know where I'm going, i can wake up at 6:30 to leave by 7 to get somewhere by 9 and 8 am now since I know where I'm going by 10. I'm happy I have the opportunity to go directly to where I'm going instead to a mutual site then taken from there. While I went directly to Valley Press when i was there, getting there early was sometimes a chore. I know work isn't always going to be like this, and it depends on the employer of course. Hopefully I can learn a lot while at these places. See you all soon.
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My tweets [Feb. 20th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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The Jared Rimer show [Feb. 19th, 2017|02:22 pm]
Jared Rimer
The Jared Rimer show can be found on this RSS feed. We usually delete shows one month after upload, as you'll find other shows up there as well. Please keep this in mind. Below, you'll find the playlist for today's show which is now up. I hope to hear from you with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Welcome to broadcast 108. On this show, we play a full length album, as well as a few singles from an artist from Tennessee who followed me via twitter. I hope you enjoy the programm.

Set 1:
Artist: Gianmarco Leone
Title: Waiting for our Christmas
Duration: 02:07
Artist: General Fuzz
Title: Liquid Jazz
Duration: 06:50
Artist: Glen Bledsoe
Title: Up and Down
Duration: 08:12
Artist: Homeless Balloon
Title: Travel to Kovdor
Duration: 03:03

Set 2:
Artist: Roger Jaeger
Title: Rescue
Duration: 03:16
Artist: Bob Mamet Trio
Title: Danzon Allegretto
Duration: 04:14
Artist: East Coast Acappella
Title: (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher
Duration: 02:44
Artist: Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan
Title: Eight Candles
Duration: 02:20
This is a CD of the day. This CD is by Six13 and it is entitled: Vol. 6 Thirteen. I'd like to thank Herbie for giving this one to me, it is on Emusic for you to buy.
Artist: Six13
Title: Ani L'dodi
Duration: 03:45
Artist: Six13
Title: Hashem Melech, Niggun Hastarah and Am Yisrael (feat. Gad Elbaz & The Zemiros Group)
Duration: 05:27
Artist: Six13
Title: Uptown Passover
Duration: 04:32
Artist: Six13
Title: Chanukah (Shake It Off)
Duration: 03:38
Artist: Six13
Title: Chai
Duration: 05:56
Artist: Six13
Title: Shir Chadash
Duration: 03:04
Artist: Six13
Title: High Holiday Mashup
Duration: 02:45
Artist: Six13
Title: Shana Tova
Duration: 03:54
Artist: Six13
Title: The Thanksgivukkah Anthem
Duration: 05:04
Artist: Six13
Title: Chozen
Duration: 03:11
end of CD

Set 3:
The first song of this set comes from a set of albums that our good friend Scott Lawlor has had a hand in. Its available on bandcamp, and its entitled: The Vega Chronicles - Series. Each track on this album is by a different artist, and it is a 6 volume set.
Title: Chapter 01
Duration: 1:00:00
Artist: Acappella
Title: Easter Song
Duration: 02:10
Artist: Haven
Title: The Lord's Prayer
Duration: 03:10
Artist: Ken Berman
Title: Délie
Duration: 06:40
Artist: Nick Baker
Title: How Can I Tell You That I Like You
Duration: 06:15
Artist: Bruce Guynn and Big Rain
Title: December Night-Album Version
Duration: 05:38
Artist: Joi Cardwell
Title: If Ever You're Lonely (Deep Brothers Dub)
Duration: 05:34
Artist: Jill Moskowitz
Title: Afioman Mambo
Duration: 02:02

This will complete the program. I hope you enjoy the program, and come back next week for another one. Please send me feedback through our contact the DJ's page and find my name there. Thanks again for listening!
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The Saturday Afternoon Hangout [Feb. 19th, 2017|02:18 pm]
Jared Rimer
The Saturday Afternoon Hangout can be found on this RSS feed. On it, you'll find several other copies of the program. Just a note that they're deleted one month after upload date. Since I uploaded TSH on the 19th, it'll be removed on the 19th of next month. Here's the show notes for this show which include links for items in which things were discussed or braught up.

Hello, welcome to podcast 17 of the Saturday Afternoon Hangout. We had a good show, although the last track may have been cut off due to technical difficulties. Besides that, I did bring up a couple of items which I can link to, and I also braught up a demo of an app which I've released as part of my Technology podcast. In the first segment, I braught up Fashion company's rude response shocks job applicant stuff.co.nz January 27, 2017 and gave some ideas on how we can make sure its coming from the company including possibly calling if we can. You're welcome to discuss this, as I also braught it up on the foremention tech blog. Man Sues Ex-Wife Over 2 Words She Writes On Weekly Alimony Checks (Photos) Opposing Views April 17, 2016 was the second item that Herbie braught up to me, although it was dated last year. It is definitely interesting, I did give my opinion on this one. If you have any thoughts on these or anything else you heard, please use the contact the DJ's page and find my name there. You may use any of the contact information listed. I hope you enjoy the program, and I'll see you next time.
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My tweets [Feb. 19th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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tech podcast 256 [Feb. 18th, 2017|04:19 pm]
Jared Rimer
On our RSS feed, you'll find the podcast. Its numbered 256. Here's the show notes on it, and I hope you enjoy the show! See you next time.

Welcome to the technology blog and podcast, this is podcast 256. On this podcast, we have 7 different segments for you including vocal thoughts on the AI squared issue, which one of my helpers of the blog sent an E-mail on. Be sure to read my post before podcast 255's release entitled Making sure we give out accurate information for the reading of my thoughts. The Transit App has a function where you can put in intersections. I demonstrate that as part of segment 2. Segments 3 and 4 introduce and talk about a video where someone talks about the top ten tweets that could get you fired from your job. Segment 5 was quite interesting as I demonstrate a game Super Tile Smash app directory entry (apple vis) and they are listening. They posted a thread on Apple vis entitled: Our new game Super Tile Smash Forum post (apple Vis) ofr you to comment on. Segment 6 is news notes where i have some quick mention on what is on the blog that might be of interest. Since I haden't posted in awhile, I even have some news notes from the prior week where I find after the fact some articles I've already commented on. Finally, a segment with some additional comments made to me in regards to Super Tile Smash via E-mail and contact information. I hope you'll enjoy the program as much as I have putting it together for you. The program is an hour and a half long, and I'll definitely see you on another edition of the podcast. See you soon!

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My tweets [Feb. 18th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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Some thoughts for today [Feb. 18th, 2017|10:18 am]
Jared Rimer
Hello folks,

Well, the media deemed this one of the worst storms we've had in quite awhile. Several buses may be on detour due to weather related issues such as sink holes, debrees on the streets, and of course, I heard on one of the TVS something about one freeway lane collapsing. California is not known for this kind of weather, glad I had a backup on getting home, in case of emergency anyway. Terrible what the weather can do to places. Its clear and cloudy today, and hopefully it'll calm down so people can fix what is wrong and get things back to normal.

Metro Rider Alerts: LINE 230: due to sinkhole, SB buses detour via Colfax btwn Moorpark and Ventura. NB buses detour via Whitsett btwn Ventura and Moorpark. https://twitter.com/metrolaalerts/status/832977560589987844/photo/1 2 hours ago from Hootsuite

I told someone it was the 236, but the 230 was the correct line. The 230 is the Laurel Canyon bus. I took it once, and it goes to Ventura Blvd where other connections can be made.

From last night:
Metro Rider Alerts: GOLD LINE: Up to 15 min delays due to debris on tracks. Trains share 1 track at Highland Park. https://twitter.com/metrolaalerts/status/832760002460995584/photo/1 17 hours ago from Hootsuite

The trains should be back on normal schedule now, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were delays and inspections conducted to make sure things are working as they should.

Metro Rider Alerts: GOLD/EXPO/BLUE/GREEN: Expect weather-related delays as trains may be required to travel at restricted speeds http://mtro.la/47up3097ohr https://twitter.com/metrolaalerts/status/832758344574128128/photo/1 17 hours ago from Hootsuite

This I haven't read, but it links to the source. Wouldn't surprise me if speeds and other factors continue as people fix things.

The post linked from that tweet i read, lots of things went on yesterday and should be read. I only know of the one item delay now with the one bus. Be careful and stay safe.
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