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My tweets [Jul. 16th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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Today's spotlight is now up! [Jul. 15th, 2017|07:41 pm]
Jared Rimer
Broadcast 6 of the spotlight is now up. Get it, and other shows through our podcast directory on our mix's web site. Below, you'll find the show notes. Please let me know your thoughts, as we put the CD's in to sets, and wrote which CD you were getting tracks from on our featured artist. On the sets that didn't feature anything, it was normal tracks without featuring which CD, etc. so let me know what you think.

Hi all, on this edition of the program, I feature Ehren Starks. This artist released a new album after awhile, and its a great one. The new album will be our featured CD. I'll also play some other tracks as well.

Set 1:
Ashana Deep Peace 08:43
Gaelynn Lea Holly and the Ivy / I Saw Three Ships 02:36
Jennifer Rutherford String Theory 06:42

Set 2:
Ehren Starks: the depths of a year with Katie Gurba:
Katie Gurba The Tale of Room 620 05:11
Katie Gurba When She Calls 03:44
Katie Gurba The Argument 03:34
Katie Gurba In Love and Miserable at 3:00 A.M. 05:00

Set 3:
Ehren Starks: Lines Build Walls
Ehren Starks Lines Build Walls 03:44
Ehren Starks Paper Lights 03:36
Ehren Starks No Silence Please 02:43
Ehren Starks Leaving the Theatre 04:45

Set 4:
Ehren Starks: Cry Wolf full album
Ehren Starks Arbiters 04:50
Ehren Starks Caskets of Rome 03:58
Ehren Starks Predator 03:56
Ehren Starks Through the Walls 06:56
Ehren Starks Belle pt 1 04:17
Ehren Starks Belle pt 2 04:16
Ehren Starks Time Piece 06:58
Ehren Starks The Prodding 05:37
Ehren Starks Cry Wolf 04:43
Ehren Starks Cold War 02:37
Ehren Starks Locket 03:57

Set 5:
The Headroom Project's latest album Ya and several tracks
The Headroom Project Ya 05:13
The Headroom Project I am Not a Robot 03:44
The Headroom Project Dark Night 05:04
The Headroom Project Bereru 2017 06:45
The Headroom Project I Like That 00:44

Set 6:
AlmaNova Tapkalica 04:07
The Headroom Project Bereru 03:28
The Donnis Trio Cole Pond 04:42
Terracotta Blue Serene 03:34
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This week's activities [Jul. 15th, 2017|07:04 pm]
Jared Rimer
This week seemed to have fl
own by. The heat cooled off this week but I'm glad I left when I did and came straight home today after getting a haircut. I did my show today, its playlist will be posted a little later on tonight. Its ready to go, but I'll hang on to it for now. Just relaxing, listening to whats playing on my independant artist channel after listening to a show for awhile. I may turn that show on again after writing this.

Vocal has a couple of articles waiting someone to work on them andthey'll get published. I need to continue the article series for white cane travel. Vocal themselves are getting revamped and so I know my contact who is helping me is busy. I know where I have left off, and will right soon on the WCT series, although it hasn't gotten a lot of traction as of late.

For those who have not gotten a chance to read any articles, please check out my articles page on jaredrimer.net for a complete list. On some of the articles, the opinions are mine alone, especially the one I did on trump. On an earlier post here on the blog, I posted the current list. I do that when significant article progress has been made. I hope to have more articles published, and then I hope I can get paid for it.

For now, I'm continuing to look for jobs, and applying to things. No dice yet. Keep on pressing. See you all soon!
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The Spotlight [Jul. 15th, 2017|12:38 pm]
Jared Rimer
Don't forget the spotlight starts soon, so make sure you get your seat here the mix's server and enjoy!
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My tweets [Jul. 14th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer
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My tweets [Jul. 13th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer
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A broadcaster gave me an artist [Jul. 12th, 2017|07:19 pm]
Jared Rimer
So, I sent an E-mail to our listeners list, and one of our own broadcasters gave me a recommendation for an artist I am looking to get. I'm picky on country, but this was pretty good in my opinion. I'll look to get this artist over time. What other artists have people found that we should get? Please send your thoughts to me.
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My tweets [Jul. 12th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer
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This week on the spotlight [Jul. 11th, 2017|07:17 pm]
Jared Rimer
Jared Rimer
The Jared Rimer Network, where everything is listed in one place
I'm going to switch gears a little bit, and feature an artist who has an interesting story. As part of this week's new releases on Magnatune, Eherin Starks released a new album, and according to John, he mentioned to me that the first two were written when he was young, and this album was some 15 years later. Join me for a very interesting journey with this artist. If we have time, I'll consider featuring another one, I'll determine that once we're done with this artist. The fun will start on Saturday at 3 PM central, 1 pacific if all goes well and I get back in time which I should. Thanks for listening to the mix, and we hope you will enjoy this journey with us!

link to listen to the mix and make sure you select the method of listening.
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My tweets [Jul. 11th, 2017|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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