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Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Dec. 11th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer
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My tweets [Dec. 10th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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Why can't the holidays just end already? [Dec. 9th, 2018|01:42 pm]
Jared Rimer
I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but in some ways I personally feel like the holidays need to hurry up and end. I don't want to take from the people who enjoy the holidays, and find it fun, but for me, I'm not finding it fun this year.

I am not sure if it is because of the events this year, or what, but I'm definitely strong for the children that should have a right to celebrate the holidays this year regardless of the events that have taken place within that time period.

Part of this is that I've not been feeling well, although I've felt pretty good today, and I also did my shows for the first time in a couple of weeks, and that I'm happy for.

Thanksgiving felt miserable to me, partially because I was sick, and wasn't entirely sure what was wrong with me. Boy, did I find out after the fact, what was wrong, and boy, that didn't seem to be a shock.

What about others? What do you think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for reading.
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The Independent artist show, broadcast 186 is now up [Dec. 9th, 2018|01:29 pm]
Jared Rimer
The RSS and the duel feed has the podcast. Mixcloud will have it very soon. Below, because of Anchor and the playlist issues from yesterday, I'm continuing to post the playlist to the blog, and so here are the notes.

Welcome to broadcast 186. Today, we're playing a wide variety of tunes, including featuring more of the studio4632 work by playing some of the music from their samplers.

Set 1:
Studio 4632 & Various Artists A New Dawn by A Dark Object 07:09
Studio 4632 & Various Artists Constellations (Beat Version) by Adeptus Mechanicus 06:07
Studio 4632 & Various Artists Alien Radar by Humanfobia 02:42
Studio 4632 & Various Artists Television Death by James Hoehl 03:09
Studio 4632 & Various Artists Aurora's Light by Louis Colaiannia 04:20
Sjel Kingdom of God 05:29
Suzanne Pittson Lost and Found (The Melting Pot) 04:44
Ozzie Cruse The Door with the Diamond Shaped Window 03:21
Nuform Morning Breeze 04:10
Nightfall Project Know The Lies 06:07
mr Epic In 03:03

Set 2:
Dana Cunningham Once in Royal David's City 03:57
Emancipator Dusk to Dawn 05:14
Joi Cardwell Come Go With Me 03:42
Marion James I Should Have Known 05:21
Nigun Chamber Ensemble Hebrew Melody for Violin and Piano 05:37
Jacob Collier Isn't She Lovely 02:37
Brainvoyager Ascension 21:17
Scott Lawlor & David Gerard Cor Carol 09:28
Bob Mamet Trio Keziah 03:42
David Youngman Watermelon 04:01
Various Artists The Sands Of The Sea by Candy L & Cousin Silas 08:47
Various Artists Baohbaho by Swift Nodal Points 29:34

The show is just under 3 hours.
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My tweets [Dec. 9th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 65: the Independent holiday 2018 part 1 [Dec. 8th, 2018|08:46 pm]
Jared Rimer
This is part 1 of the Independent artist holiday. On this edition, I feature new material, as well as some of my favorites from across the holiday spectrum. Below, please find the playlist. Saturday Feed duel feed and Mix Cloud to get your copies.

Please find links to new material, and the entire playlist of the show below.

Hello everyone. Welcome to podcast 65 of the Independent artist spotlight show. On podcast 27, we did a show for independent holiday. This year, we've gotten some new material and I'll play a lot from the various Christmas and Jewish artists that have been gotten. As before, instead of linking particular spotlights, I'll link the new material, and you can search between CD Baby emusic and Itunes for your favorites. I'm hoping that you'll enjoy the holiday spotlight, and thanks so much for listening!

For the new material, if I can, I'll give the artist biography after linking to them.

  • Acapeldridge I'm a pharmacist by trade, but I've always had a love for singing that was likely gained through years of worshiping with my family in church, singing a cappella hymns. I continued to sing as I grew older (and as my voice grew a little deeper), in high school and in college at Purdue. Acapeldridge has
    been a wonderful way for me to continue sharing my loves for singing and a cappella hymns. What started as a hobby in May of 2017 quickly grew in to a passion. My process is fairly humble; I record all of my music at home in a walk-in closet. My two greatest desires are to serve my Creator with the gifts and opportunities He's given me, and to preserve these wonderful, classic hymns for another generation.

  • Lady Luck (no bio available)

  • Lisa Forget (no bio available)

  • Norm Lewis (no bio available)

  • Shir Soul Originally formed in 2005, Shir Soul Jewish a cappella is a soulful mix of pop, rock and contemporary music with a modern flare. They blend traditional
    a cappella sounds with original lyrics, creating a fusion that is truly unique. With the ability to take traditional tunes and spin them in a whole new
    musical way, Shir Soul has created a sound and genre that is truly unique. Having performed all over the United States and internationally, Shir Soul is
    as exciting live as their music sounds. With nearly 1 million views to date on YouTube, their videos have received a great of attention from the Jewish
    community and beyond.

That completes the newest material that was baught and will be added. The rest of the material has been gotten since the last broadcast of holiday and now, and will be talked about in time.

Set 1:
In this first set, we take from one jewish track, and a thanksgiving and holiday album, as well as another holiday album by Rockapella.
Shir Soul Hanukkah - Africa 03:33
Elana Jagoda What Are You Thankful for Today? 03:00
Noah Aronson Shehecheyanu 03:40
Noah Aronson Be Happy 02:57
Jay Rapoport The Holiday Song 04:24
Rockapella Matunda Ya Kwanzaa 03:01
Rockapella Christmas Altogether 04:53
Rockapella Auld Lang Syne 03:19

Set 2:
In this set, we have all of the new 2018 Christmas material.
Acapeldridge Joy to the World 01:53
Acapeldridge Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus 02:11
Acapeldridge Angels, From the Realms of Glory 02:33
Acapeldridge Silent Night 03:00
Lady Luck Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 02:09
Lady Luck Christmas Island 02:16
Lady Luck What a Wonderful World (Live) 05:17
Lisa Forget Born Beneath the Star 04:13
Lisa Forget Christmas Time 03:22
Lisa Forget The Irish Blessing (Christmas Version) 02:44
Norm Lewis My Favorite Things (From 'The Sound of Music') 02:06
Norm Lewis Fever 04:07
Norm Lewis Where Is Love? (From 'Oliver!') 03:18
Norm Lewis Bring Him Home (From 'Les Misérables') 03:05
Norm Lewis Home (From 'The Wiz') 03:35
Norm Lewis Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day? 04:06

Set 3:
This set, we change things up and play Jewish music, and end with a mix album I threw in Jewish, although it is both Christmas and Jewish tracks in that album.
The Belmonts The Eight Days of Hanukkah 02:43
Sue Epstein I Have a Little Challah 01:38
Sue Epstein Henei Ma Tov 01:53
Ariel Rose Hanukkah's Child 02:50
Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan O Chanukah 02:16
Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan Mi Yimallel 02:13
Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan The Ballad of Judah Maccabee 04:26
Kenny Ellis Hanukkah Candles 03:36
Kenny Ellis Hanu-Calypso 02:25
Kenny Ellis 'Twas the Night Before Hanukkah 03:05
Six13 Shir Chadash 03:02
Six13 One Mitzvah (The Bar Mitzvah Song) 04:07
Six13 Schar Mitzvah / Hineni B'yadcha / Ahalello (feat. Mordechai Shapiro) 05:55
Debbie Friedman Not By Might, Not By Power 02:16
Debbie Friedman Ani Ma-amin 03:09
Debbie Friedman Miriam's Song 02:26
Debbie Friedman T'filat HaDerech 02:46
Debbie Friedman Birchot Havdalah 05:06
Debbie Friedman Asher Yatzar 01:19
Debbie Friedman Save A Life 04:02
Debbie Friedman Devorah's Song 03:16
Debbie Friedman Light These Lights 04:24
Doda Mollie Bang! Bang! Bang! 01:17
Doda Mollie Afikoman 00:48
Maccabeats Miracle 02:58
Maccabeats Dayenu 03:56
Gladys Gewirtz A Chanukah Quiz 02:26
Debbie Friedman The Latke Song (Live) 03:05
Luther Dickinson, Jeremiah Lockwood, and Ethan Miller Dreidel 04:53
Richard Tucker O Little Town of Bethlehem 02:13
Benny Goodman Santa Claus Came in the Spring 03:09
The Ames Brothers I Got A Cold For Christmas 02:54

End of program.
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My tweets [Dec. 8th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Dec. 7th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Dec. 6th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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My tweets [Dec. 5th, 2018|12:00 pm]
Jared Rimer

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