Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 86

Hello everyone,

After a long absence, i've put together broadcast 86 which aired last week on Saturday. That would've been the 3rd. I was fast on getting it up on the single feed but only put it on the duel feed this morning.

I want to give you the playlist of that show, which did have technical issues of some sort.

Welcome to podcast 207. On this program, lots of good music, new and old music.

Set 1:
Scott Lawlor & The Flesh, Full of Black Sand, Non omnis moriar
Rana, Therapeutic
Rhonda Lorence, The Last Letter
Robin Stine, Daydream
Russ Hopkins, Ramble Away
Seismic Anamoly, Serenade for Samantha

Set 2:
Dj Devenear, Saturday Night Southern Summer time Party
Mark Driesenga, Nothing But The Blood
Robert Rich & Ian Boddy, Blue Moon
Taylor Gayle, Pretty Things Break
Crows Labyrinth, Below

Set 3:
This is a long set of new and old music alike.
John Sherwood, Space (Live at Awakenings, 2014)
Scott Lawlor, Contemplative Ascent
Scott Lawlor, perfect calm
Scott Lawlor, Celestial Guide
Channels Of Blessings, Fisher Of Man
Bob Mamet Trio, Danzon Allegretto
David Carnes, It Is Well With My Soul
Gaelynn Lea, Someday We'll Linger in the Sun
Lindee Link, Mirror, Mirror
Aeoliah, Windsong
Matthew Schoening, Fifth Rendition
McKenna Morris, Aim High
Norm Lewis, Thank You for Your Love

End of program.

Thanks for listening, and I hope to get back in to broadcasting on a more regular basis. In a way, I miss it, however, I've had a lot going on. Thanks for listening!
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