Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

I'm just so tired of the news

Hello folks,

I normally don't listen to the news much, but going through twitter, and being out and about exposes you to the news either in passing, or listening to it while waiting to do something somewhere where you might be. It also pops up in discussions on phone systems of all kinds. While I would like to be educated on whats going around us, I'm so tired of the news, because all I seem to hear is all of the bad news. Just going through twitter, and yes its several days old, I'm seeing news on the tragic shootings that we've recently had. I'm saddened to hear about these shootings, but sadly, its beyond our control. Shootings happen every single day, but we only hear about them when it is unexpected, I.E. someone goes somewhere and decides to have a bad day and takes care of some vendeta or problem, or maybe its just because.

I'm sorry to hear about the youngest victim who was only 15 years old in one shooting. I'm sorry that I'm seeing articles entitled "the United States isn't safe" because of the recent shootings. I'm just so sorry to hear about it, but sadly, I think its time to hear some good news.

I know in the technology field, hearing about the number of breaches each week, and how many millions of peoples personal information is sad, but thats worthy news because our information is at risk, and its a world wide problem we need to graple with every day. Shootings are sad, yes, but it doesn't effect everyone, and yet, we don't hear any good news like how a soldier saved someone's life or an officer of the law did something worth talking about.

More recently, a gentleman whom I am not able to remember his spelling, was responsible for elledged crimes back many many years. On Saturday, this gentleman took his own life in a jail cell. Thats great, because we don't have to pay for his jailtime sentence. The victims still don't have closure, and I'm sorry for that, but maybe the gentleman didn't have any other way out.

I'm not going to go posting articles here, nor am I going to go get the guy's name. Its time that we find ourselves some good news, or news that we can better react and ask questions about. The fact we don't have laws to get the guns out of the criminals, or laws to get you and me the ability to own a weapon without having a license, is what we should talk about. We shouldn't talk about how we've just had another shooting, and we still don't have any laws on the books to prevent another catastrophe. Seems like the shootings are happening both with people who shouldn't have them weapons, and with people who legally got one. So, if it was legally gotten, how do we then prevent those people from doing what they shouldn't with it? These are the questions we should be asking.

As for the breaches, we would be better off trying to figure out who is doing things like in the Capital One breach, and ask how we can prevent something like that from happening again.

Have any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you.
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