Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist show, broadcast 89: Angelight

Angelight was the official feature this week on the spotlight. Its been awhile since I've put a playlist out, and I must try to get better in that regard. The RSS feeds both duel and single feed have the show. I'm sure I'm way behind in mixcloud, I'll have to check and see where I am on that. Below is the playlist of this show.

On broadcast 89 of the independent artist spotlight series, we're going to stop in Russia for this one. Angelight is the artist in question. I'll also play some new material, and an accidental find too. Lots of other tunes will also be played.

Set 1:
Olexa Kabanov, At the End of the Earth
Optimal Tunes, Give All
Paul Avgerinos, Floating Clouds
Processor, 42

Set 2:
Scott Lawlor, Dark Repose
Rob Martino, Mighty Distant Star
Sudi Rick Karatas, All I Want for Christmas Is Some Sleep
Puchi Colon, We Worship You (Radio Version)
McKenna Morris, Power of One
Kerani, Godspeed
Scott Lawlor, Uninhabitable Conditions
Andre Rodriguez, Here's to You (ft Breanne Duren of Owl City)
Amoeba, Big Clouds
Andy Carhart, Time Speaks
Angelight, Relative Reality
Anthony Hugh, Freedom

Set 3:
Angelight, Heavenly Angels
Anonymph, East of Eden
Satori, Golden Dreams
Saros, Immortal
Russ Hopkins and Jerry Palmer, Cat Dancing
Rocket City Riot, Just Another Broken Heart
Robert Rich, Recognition
Rhonda Lorence, More Than A Jig
Angelight, Beyond the Threshold
Linnéa Jonasson, Klöverjakt
Linnéa Jonasson, Väntar
Michelle Qureshi, As It Once Was
Angelight, Fairy Tale Forest
Puchi Colon, Rey De Mi Vida (Live)
Neuronium (Michel Huygen), Universo Reiki
Matthew Schoening, Emotional Clockwork

This completes the program, I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have putting it together. See you on another edition very soon!
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