Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist show, broadcast 211 for last sunday

On today's program, we're going to feature an artist Matthew Steady who has a Patrion page for people to donate to his music projects. We'll have plenty of other tunes too.

Set 1:
------------- Hour Marker -------------, 0900 (9am 9/8/2019)
Paolo Pavan, Moja
Professor Armchair, Cubanola Glide
Ras Tilo, Lass Mich Ziehen featuring Leorion and Laura (Le Lutin Violoniste in dub remix)
Riot Kings, Holy Christian Bible Rocket
Russ Hopkins, Lost Spark
Alan Marchand, Lembrar de Voce

Set 2:
Alan Marchand, Reflections
Adriano Fontana, Settembre 3
Doc Rossi, Weideman's Favorite (C F Weideman)
Emily Burridge, Dolphin Love
Christine Brown, The Passing Rain
Emancipator, Minor Cause
Matt Steady, Buen Camino
Edward Simon, Stop Looking to Find (it Finds You)

Set 3:
Matt Steady, Becalmed
Brother D, Overcomer, Cover
Bruce Guynn and Big Rain, Sound of Freedom
Tony Succar, El Cuarto De Succar
Mark Driesenga, Nothing But The Blood
Kimie, Rooted (feat. Irie Love)
Beegie Adair & Denis Solee, On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Acappella Series, In The Hall of The Mountain King
Héllena, A Wish To The Stars

Set 4:
Ya Elah, Each of Us
Zero Slum, Blues
William Brooks, So Much To Do
Wavebuffet, Sige la Fila
VSTRS, IDivest
Ustoz, Ready For a Miracle (Extended Edit)
Trip Wamsley, Note To Self
Tokee, Pu
Matt Steady, Here Be Dragons
Radhamohan and Sivitri, The Sweet Ashtakam
Psycliq, House of the Rising Sun (Organ Donor Mix Instrumental)
prettyhowtown, Hydrogen Alpha

Set 5:
Michael Tiernan, Father and Child
Mexeena, Aviator
Matthew E Sargent, Make It Magical
Margaret Maria Tobolowska, Chimaera

This will complete the program, thanks for listening! See you next time.
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