Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 96: new music

Ok folks,

New music added to the network's collection of independent artist music. We do feature other stuff as well.

Both RSS feeds and mixcloud have the podcast, and I'm here to provide the playlist.

Hello! Welcome to broadcast 96 of the Independent Artist Spotlight. On this show, new material by new and old artists alike. For ease of convenience, we're only linking to the new artists specifically where applicable.

I'd personally like to thank Herbie Allen for assisting the Jared Rimer Network on bringing us the material as well as supporting the project.

I also baught a lot of the material, as we try to support independent artists.

For ease of convenience, any linked artists will be located within the sets in which they're aired. Older artists we talk about can be searched via the site I mention within the program. If you need a link and have a hard time finding them, please email me. Email/imessage/text can be found on the contact the DJ's page as part of the mix.

Set 1:
Hans Christian, Incessant Heat
Hector Mukomol, Homecoming
Human Response, Strange

Set 2:
Peter Davidson, Calling
Ariel Rose, Hanukkah's Child
Stuart Hamm, Big Roller
Sylvia, Sweet Yesterday
Aeoliah, A Higher Love
Ariel Rose, My Perfect Day
Sylvia, Drifter
Ariel Rose, My Perfect Day (Radio mix)
Sylvia, You Can't Go Back Home

Set 3:
Emily Kurn is a new artist to our collection. With multiple albums and awards which you can learn in the notations of the albums, this talented artist has something going for her. She contacted me asking permission to be put on the mailing list, and I accepted. We play several from this artist with two from each available album.
Tina Malia, Hare Krishna
Pert Near Sandstone, Save Me
Tina Malia, Radhe
Robin Carnes, Expanding Attention Meditation
Tina Malia, Shores of Avalon
Emily Kurn, A Little Peace
Emily Kurn, Lullaby
Tina Malia, Forever
Emily Kurn, Brown Boots, Red Coat
Emily Kurn, Mississippi Moon
Tina Malia, Way Home
Lindee Link, Mirror, Mirror
Radhamohan and Sivitri, Hare Krishna Moonrise
Ya Elah, Hare Krishna

This will complete the program. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have putting it together for you. See you on another edition!
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