Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

Cancer always wins


As people celebrate the holidays this year, I was on a forum looking around. Just today, someone in this world will not be celebrating as they have lost someone and posted it to this forum due to cancer. I know from experience that cancer does win in the end at some point. According to the post i read on this forum, it was only diagnosed 8 months ago, and gone. My experience was about 8 to 9 months. For those who say that I'm heartless and post my experience and offer my phone number to talk don't know what it is actually like.

Just this month, someone I know of wanted some time off due to this exact situation, diagnosis of cancer. I offered an email back offering my support and mentioning what I've gone through.

While I posted that I hoped it wasn't going to be that way, I was asked why I was so selfish and negative. Live in someone's shoes who has experienced the fact that treatment goes only so far.

Someone, every day will not live to see another holiday.

I don't want to celebrate either this year. I was told there was no thanksgiving in the traditional sense this year and thats fine by me.

Since it'll be raining, I'd rather stay in, cook up this ground turkey I baught, and call that my turkey dinner. I understand what this person I read today is going through. Its not fun, its hard. Very hard.

If you're celebrating this year, please celebrate responsibly, and be safe.

Thanks for reading!
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