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  • Thu, 13:21: tech blog Phishlab’s webinar was very informative: Hello folks, i hope you were able to get to today’s webinar from… https://t.co/IDRVDlnbaM
  • Thu, 13:48: tech blog Another multi-thousand getting caught in a huge problem: Hello, 500,000 victims pummeled in multi-stage B… https://t.co/FO6PfSOhJf
  • Thu, 14:02: tech blog OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy: Sans News Bites also includes a monthly newsletter that can have… https://t.co/iP51CVsul5
  • Thu, 15:03: tech blog A great story on how not! to get caught in cybercrime?: So I’ve been contemplating what to talk about, an… https://t.co/aLIPqDzuzU
  • Thu, 15:23: The Source presents Metro staff provides update on Eastside Gold Line: One of the key projects with funding from Me… https://t.co/9pLYXD7rif
  • Thu, 18:41: Cyber scoop Netskope raises another $340 million from venture capital crowd: Cloud security provider Netskope has a… https://t.co/mlEXCBMOac
  • Thu, 19:49: The Source presents Maps of bus routes are online showing proposed changes under draft NextGen Bus Plan; public wor… https://t.co/sQd4mHNm5a
  • Thu, 21:57: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Avast shuts down its data-selling subsidiary … why is it collecting that data?: I read today this article about A…
  • Thu, 21:57: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Microsoft Xbox offering bug bounty: In an article by Cyberscoop, Microsoft is giving up to quite a bit of money f…
  • Thu, 22:00: Cyber scoop Feds are lining up more indictments related to Chinese cyber-activity, officials say: U.S. prosecutors… https://t.co/PWheoAR21r
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