Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 109

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 109 had an artist from Las Vegas, Nevada on it. The group is hard rockish, but not too hard.

I had a great time talking about this artist, as well as bringing you some of his material from his only album to date released on Magnatune.

The show is available on RSS and you can get those using the link to the podcast directory in this podcast.

Below, please find links, and an entire playlist!

For the 109th episode of the program, we're traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada for Trevor and the Joneses who has a mixture of rock using guitars. When you think of rock using guitars, you think of hard rock, and there may be some hard rock, but from the tracks I've heard, to me, it isn't that hard. You be the judge, lets see what you think.

Also during the program, we'll have a wide variety of music, talk, and more!

Want to visit Trevor and the Jones on the Internet? Visit them by going to www.trevorandthejoneses.com which is linked in their album notes for today's album.

Want to contact me? Please use the contact info on the Contact the Dj's page on the mix to do so! I hope you'll enjoy the program as much as I am bringing it together for you.

Set 1:
Tokee, Am
To Life!, Hafla
Tuskle, Progredium III
Vidia Wesenlund, Sa Ro Godt Barn
Sambodhi Prem, Splashing in Waterfalls

Set 2:
Trevor and the Joneses, Dig This
Scott Hallgren, Imagine
Drop Trio, Shelby
Eternal Jazz Project, Meander

Set 3:
Acappella, Emergency
Ariel Rose, Miss You
Brett Vogel, Fiery Sky
Will Diehl, Floating

Set 4:
Emancipator, Eve
Trevor and the Joneses, Grooving at the Speed of Light
Kate Ryan, Start Me Up
Cloud Boat, Bastion
Trevor and the Joneses, Show Yourself
Emily Kurn, I am the Sun
Home Free, Saw Her Standing There
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, I Will Call Upon the Lord

Set 5:
Trevor and the Joneses, Superslow
Kaissa, Alea So
Kat Webb, Good To Me
Ken Bonfield, The Water is Wide
Kitka, Otche Nash (Russia Bulgaria)
Laura Dreyer, O Sol de Um Dia Novo
Liquid Rainbow, Black Fire Dub
Lydia McCauley, Holy Drone Of The Valley
To Life!, Written
Thursday Group, Oaks
Thursday Next, First Blush
Ashana, Tu Eres
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