Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist spotlight show for last week

Here is the playlist for last week's spotlight featuring Kitka. A link will be provided and the full playlist. We did not even try to pronounce a lot of the names.

Here is the podcast directory where you can find the show either in duel mode or in single feed mode.

This is program 131 of the series.

On this program Kitka is the featured group. I take you through some biography stuff, and play several tracks from the various albums throughout. It is best to look at the playlist as the titles of most tracks will not be spoken because they're in different languages. Thank you so much for listening to today's program!

Set 1:
Kaissa, Eyoum
Lilly Wolf, Strictly Luxury
Lisa Lynne, Gypsy Circle
Nathan Mathes, The Sea is Ridge
Ninety Pounds of Ugly, Out of Your League

Set 2:
Kitka, Uz vy golubi
Kitka, Tsomo lekho nafshi - Yeirusholayim slavnyi gorod
Kitka, Znaes li Janke - Poruska-Paranja
Kurt Hunter, Distracted
Laetoli Steps, Carry You In Sound
Liamkins, I Wanna Get You Back

Set 3:
Alan Marchand, Gigolo Cubano
Align in Time, Run Home
Ambient Teknology, Electro Retro
Kitka, Vdol Po Rechenke (Russia)
Kitka, Tsintsharo (Georgia)
Kitka, Shto Mi E Milo (Macedonia)
Kitka, Miskolc Felol Hidegen Fuj a Szel (Hungary)

Set 4:
Kitka, Awakening
Kitka, Last Night
Kitka, To The Lake
Neurobic, Hometown
Nova Express, No Saints

Set 5:
Kitka, Tec, Peleite, Zernju Zogtu (Latvia)
Kitka, Dostojno Jest (Bulgaria)
Kitka, Tsarsko Momche Kon Sedlae (Bulgaria)
Kitka, A v Jerusalime (South Russia Ukraine)
Made of Wood, Indore
Margaret Maria Tobolowska, Magik
Master's Monkeys, Roll on through Saturday night
Kitka, Leskoviq Benet Pazar (Albania)
Kitka, Cantec De Leagane (Romania)
Kitka, Zaspo Janko (Croatia)
Kitka, Lavnana (Georgia)
Kitka, Vetar Vee (USA)

Set 7:
Kirsty Hawkshaw, Shahana
Koshanin, Clouds
Laura Inserra, Dancing Tale
Lisa DeBenedictis, Spin
LOOT, Before My Time (ft Kelvin Uffre)
LVX Nova, In Memory of Magick Mick
Magic Carpet, Upside Down
Manuel Ochoa, Crabs

This completes the show. I hope that each and everyone of you has enjoyed the wide variety of world music today.
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