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  • Sun, 18:41: The Indeendent artist show, broadcast 268: The Mellow edition: Last night got very interesting. I talk about it, then play a bunch of tunes in one long set. Enjoy! --- On broadcast 260 of the independent show, we are playing a wide variety of mellow… https://t.co/xcGTCxvUVk https://t.co/3Els4XLrV2
  • Mon, 03:30: Trend Micro Search: Analysis of a Convoluted Attack Chain Involving Ngrok: The Trend Micro ™ Managed XDR team recently handled an incident involving one of Trend Micro’s customers. The incident revealed how a malicious actor incorporated… https://t.co/8kd5gggB9h Check it out! https://t.co/5OJ6XwJ50k
  • Mon, 07:20: Last Pass presents LastPass Celebrates 25 Million Users: So much has changed in 12 years, and our commitment to protecting our users has remained the same. In honor of that commitment, and each of our 25 million LastPass-ers around the… https://t.co/PGmswLrtnv check it out https://t.co/f3dAo1QdVe
  • Mon, 08:31: Cyber scoop Security researchers slam Voatz brief to the Supreme Court on anti-hacking law: A group of high profile cybersecurity specialists doesn’t want mobile voting firm Voatz to have the last word before the Supreme Court takes up a… https://t.co/j0qpxSuEt2 Check it out! https://t.co/h90tgqmBja
  • Mon, 11:42: Cyber scoop Chinese intelligence-linked hackers are exploiting known flaws to target Washington, US says: Hackers connected to a Chinese intelligence agency have infiltrated U.S. government and the private sector entities in recent months… https://t.co/mSMnnHRey4 Check it out! https://t.co/USzjHcrqGR
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