Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 142: we're going around the world!

Hello everyone. Welcome to another edtion of the spotlight. Besides the RSS feeds available on the mix podcast directory for my show and even others, I'm now providing a link directly for download thanks to Sendspace. This may allow those who can't use RSS to easily download the file much easier.

download the 208.04mb file of broadcast 142.

Now, without any further ado, here are the show notes for this program and playlist.

Welcome to podcast 142 which has a wide variety of tunes as an open forum.

Set 1:
CrimsonFaced, Terrified - The Vegetarian Mix
Daniel Knowler, The Threshold
Daria, Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Dead Leaf Echo, Babyeyes
Diana Rowan, Yishru Shalom

Set 2:
The Alien Mike ET, Serial Killer
Nuform, Morning Breeze
Nick Kingsley, Meteor
Hollywood Drunks, You're RightMonkeyTrial, Periastron
Modinski, Flak You

Set 3:
Maurice and the Beejays, Together at Last
Rob Costlow, Down the Road
Phil Rey, Sky Invader
Adam Fielding, What Have You Done
Dead Leaf Echo, Trial
Minstrel Spirit, At the castle gate
Moh Alileche, Sunset in Tamanrasset
Rana, Unforgiven
Tears of Sirens, Spectres and Sine Waves

Set 4:
Scott Lawlor, The moment is at hand
Scott Lawlor, Standing by the nile
Scott Lawlor, Sunn coming through leaves
Ran Kirlian, Beyond the Void

Set 5:
Ran Kirlian, Quarantine Session 1
Scott Lawlor, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdomEnd of program

End of program
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