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  • Sat, 14:24: Hello @Lena_Writes_, thanks so much for following me. I try to get all kinds of independents on my independent artist shows. I hope you find the shows of interest. Also in to tech and more.
  • Sun, 11:41: Tiphanie Doucet in the spotlight for broadcast 170: Hello everyone! Welcome to program 170 of the Independent artist spotlight. Tiphanie Doucet is our featured artist this week. With 3 albums and a single track that I got to give you a spotlight, you… https://t.co/PwIQxqH4hD https://t.co/pKugbAlpw5
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    Fri, 12:06: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog Podcast catchup: links to podcasts 38-42 of the security box: Hello, since I’ve decided to go ahead and…

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    Thu, 13:23: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog Feds shut down web site for vaccine info, site peddled malware and the like: I saw an article yesterday…

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    Wed, 15:23: Cyber scoop Artificial intelligence could accelerate breach notification time, expert says: Faster data breach notification time is…

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