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  • Sun, 15:23: Episode 290: Linda Peng and other great music: Program 290 starts with a spotlight, but yet, we've got other material we are covering too. Let's see what happens. Set 1: Linda Peng Android Waltz 02:00 Linda Peng Liszt Comprehension 01:04 Linda Peng… https://t.co/dxaiqZhycH https://t.co/1DhNZy4oym
  • Mon, 03:31: Last Pass presents LastPass Is Celebrating World Password Day With Coder Dojo: This World Password Day, LastPass is excited to promote cybersecurity education and awareness by supporting Coder Dojo. The post LastPass Is Celebrating World… https://t.co/CUfstyEK6I check it out https://t.co/Z41Bno5mmg
  • Mon, 07:20: Cyber scoop Magecart scammers aim at restaurants' online delivery systems: Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting third-party infrastructure that restaurants across the U.S. use to place online orders, private investigators have found.… https://t.co/63BeoWpICe Check it out! https://t.co/zUYE8HIQab
  • Mon, 11:41: The Source presents Metro’s Public Safety Advisory Committee will meet May 5: Metro has selected 15 community members to participate in the agency’s new Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), which will help Metro re-envision public safety on its… https://t.co/VHuGbc05ti https://t.co/YRBVvZskUV
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    Fri, 12:06: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog Podcast catchup: links to podcasts 38-42 of the security box: Hello, since I’ve decided to go ahead and…

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    Thu, 13:23: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog Feds shut down web site for vaccine info, site peddled malware and the like: I saw an article yesterday…

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    Wed, 15:23: Cyber scoop Artificial intelligence could accelerate breach notification time, expert says: Faster data breach notification time is…

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