Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

Covid-19 shot


Hope people will consider getting their covid-19 shot. After I got my first dose today, had some very interesting stomach issues which I can't prove was the result of the shot. I think it was the food that I had for lunch, as this fish tasted different than I normally have.

I heard of a story on the pohone lines about a similar experience, but if it was wide spread, we'd all know about it, so maybe it just was a coincidence that two people who are on a telephone line having the same type of experience.

I didn't do a show today, nor have I got one scheduled tomorrow as I recover and make sure I have no problems.

I know that I've neglected the blog with playlists, but the RSS feeds do have the playlist and if you want one, do let me know and I'll ship you one.

I look forward in returning next week with more new tunes from Magnatune and Bandcamp alike, and I know I'll be getting a profile or an artist picked for next week.

Go on over to our podcasts page and find a program RSS feed that you would like to subscribe to by me.

Don't have RSS and need a link to a specific show? Give me an email with its show number or date, and I'll get it right on over!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll go ahead and get some shows out to you through direct links to hold everyone over.

Thanks for listening to my programming and we hope you'll be back for more!

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