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The Security box, podcast 47

Download TSB047_2021-06-09.mp3 from SendSpace

Above is the link to today's program which we started a little earlier than usual to account to taking an appointment today which worked out for me. While we had no comments, that is OK, you're welcome to contact me any time.The file is 89.1mb.

Here are the show notes for everyone to read, with links to the stuff we covered.

See you next week!

Welcome to the security box, podcast 47. On this podcast, we're going to talk about Security. A video which I found on Ted Talk's youtube channel will lead this discussion. We're also going to talk about an article from Lastpass talking about protecting your business from data breach trends. It talks about something we've talked about, supply chain attacks. Speaking of supply chain attacks, Jennifer talks about our top story from our show notes, and we'll address any concerns from that as well. We'll have news, notes, questions, comments and more. Want to leave a message by phone? Call 602-887-5198 to do so. Thanks so much for listening!


News Notes

  • FBI blames REvil gang for JBS ransomware hack as global meat supplier gets back to work Cyberscoop

  • Fujifilm shuts down computer systems following apparent ransomware intrusion Cyberscoop

  • Vulnerability in VMware product has severity rating of 9.8 out of 10 Ars Technica

  • Q1 2021 Threat Trends & Intelligence Report Phishlabs

  • Q1 2021 Threat Trends & Intelligence Report Phishlabs

  • Latvian national charged with writing notorious Trickbot malware

  • Tokyo Olympics organizers' data swept up in Fujitsu hack: report Cyberscoop

  • SIM swapping victim alleges T-Mobile failed to stop $20,000 cryptocurrency scam Cyberscoop

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