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  • Sun, 16:46: tech blog Ransomware attack at Comparis resulted in data breach: If people are familiar with this, better know about it. Doesn’t seem like a U.S. company, so it is good for us in the States. The post is on twittr and it was three days old.… https://t.co/Gmp9MXLacz check it out!
  • Sun, 18:41: The Independent artist show, broadcast 299: lots of tunes as the big one is announced: This is program 299, we're playing music, and we'll see how things go with the tunes we select. Next week, the big 300th party, wonder what I should do for it? Set 1:… https://t.co/RRyBQjFN6h https://t.co/LDvqjHOvW2
  • Mon, 07:21: Cyber scoop US blames China for Microsoft hacking, ransomware attacks as part of global condemnation: The U.S. and its allies on Monday blamed China for exploiting flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server that enabled worldwide ransomware attacks… https://t.co/QC6QfLYXYi Check it out! https://t.co/jCyXJlfJdS
  • Mon, 11:31: tech blog Facebook catches Iranian spies catfishing US military targets: Putting a new spin on cat fishing, eh? Michael in Tennessee sent me this one, and I think we hould look at it. Found the article from Ars very interesting. Its quoted… https://t.co/AWXEG36pWR check it out!
  • Mon, 11:41: Cyber scoop Sweeping report details how NSO Group spyware leverages iOS software for surveillance: NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware may be actively exploiting the most recent software in the iPhone 12 to monitor victims through the world,… https://t.co/yolTDXiyel Check it out! https://t.co/oiZ4r0ZWtP
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    Fri, 13:23: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog The Security box, podcast 53: Better Get Your Windows Update on … especially if you print: Hello folks,…

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    Thu, 15:24: Cyber scoop Why grassroots efforts like #ShareTheMicInCyber play a vital role in a whole-of-society approach to cyber: Amid…

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    Wed, 15:23: Cyber scoop Justice Department officials urge Congress to pass ransomware notification law: U.S. Justice Department officials came…

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