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  • Mon, 12:39: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Morgan Stanley discloses data breach that resulted from Accellion FTA hacks: I can’t blame Morgan Stanley directl…
  • Mon, 14:35: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog SolarWinds 0-day gave Chinese hackers privileged access to customer servers: Wow. This is quite interesting. Dev0…
  • Mon, 15:23: Krebs on security PlugwalkJoe Does the Perp Walk: One day after last summer's mass-hack of Twitter, KrebsOnSecurity wrote that 22-year-old British citizen Joseph "PlugwalkJoe" O'Connor appeared to have been involved in the incident. When the Justice… https://t.co/w4MdclfgPQ https://t.co/keTZS8BX8I
  • Mon, 15:30: tech blog Sans News bites for July 23, 2021: Hello folks, Friday’s newsletter is out, and I urge everyone to take a listen to it by reading the article, if youread by access technology, or read it with your eyes. Some of the items may be of… https://t.co/l0EhffBg7a check it out!
  • Mon, 15:30: tech blog Scammers aren’t done, Microsoft Windows 11 is targeted: In a very interesting article I read and will be one of two topics for this next week’s Security box, Scammers are targeting Microsoft windows 11. Granted, 11 was announced… https://t.co/QTWmZ19nae check it out!
  • Mon, 17:07: Uploaded "The Independent artist show, broadcast 300" to @mixcloud https://t.co/wzM20tLUHc listen now!
  • Mon, 18:41: Cyber scoop Kaseya says it didn't pay ransomware gang for decryption key after hacks affected hundreds: Kaseya, the company at the center of a ransomware outbreak that claimed perhaps thousands of victims, said on Monday that it didn’t pay… https://t.co/MG15eoWkYc Check it out! https://t.co/D5mrpDjo5Y
  • Mon, 19:36: tech blog Ransomware payments went down 38 percent in Q2 of 2021: I’m surprised that Phishlabs didn’t write up this article, but Cyberscoop did and they did a great job. There are some very interesting stats within this article, but there… https://t.co/4H3pA3LLaz check it out!
  • Mon, 19:50: Trend Micro Search: #LetsTalkSecurity: The New Digital Normal: Let's Talk Security: Season 02 // Episode 03: Host, Rik Ferguson, interviews Founder & CEO of MyConnectedHealth, Tyler Cohen Wood. Together they discuss the new digital normal. https://t.co/s4yBsKUlYD Check it out! https://t.co/Vp1POwwysJ
  • Mon, 20:41: tech blog Sans News bites for July 20, 2021: In the better late than never department, Here’s Sans News bites for July 20, 2021. I didn’t get this in to last week’s security box, and I’m going to try and get better on making sure that we… https://t.co/dExmpl4IQd check it out!
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    Mon, 13:28: tech blog IOS 15 is now released, lots of things to be aware of: AppleVis has a great writeup found by the article title Apple…

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    Sun, 15:23: The Independent artist show, broadcast 307: Broadcast 307 will have a very interesting topic as well as tunes for your Sunday. set…

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    Sun, 11:41: The independent artist spotlight, broadcast 187: Joshuah de Jesus & Buena Vibra Sextet: On Broadcast 187: Joshuah de Jesus…

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