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  • Thu, 15:24: Cyber scoop Why grassroots efforts like #ShareTheMicInCyber play a vital role in a whole-of-society approach to cyber: Amid increasingly sophisticated ransomware and supply chain attacks, the cybersecurity community needs a cultural shift… https://t.co/7qTGE7Jrsn Check it out! https://t.co/WZZ5XXejxk
  • Thu, 15:38: tech blog Spam Kingpin gets time served: Hello folks, While the podcast is out now, and show notes are up as well, I still want to write about the items I have and this one is talking about a Spam Kingpin that is getting off with time… https://t.co/Cy5u36g8Jb check it out!
  • Thu, 16:42: tech blog Kaseya gets a decryption key: We don’t know exactly how Kaseya got their decryption key, but they better count themselves lucky. In fact, Revil from what we can tell and learn, didn’t get paid either by their affiliate or the main… https://t.co/zEgwi3lc03 check it out!
  • Thu, 16:42: tech blog A Family of Fraud gets busted: Another item that was covered in news notes delbt with a fraud family ring. This is a very interesting story because one of the suspects is 15 years of age. The 15-year-old was responsible for… https://t.co/MM2NqH6eCP check it out!
  • Thu, 17:48: tech blog Sans News Bites July 27, 2021              Vol. 23, Num. 058: This Newsletter covers quite a number of things including IOS 14.7.1, Windows has another problem mainly in server versions, the No More Ransomware project and more.… https://t.co/YCNcExSCzZ check it out!
  • Thu, 18:42: Cyber scoop Threat intel firms suggest ransomware gang 'BlackMatter' has ties to DarkSide, REvil hackers: Digital sleuths at cyber threat intelligence firms have found clues that a seemingly new ransomware organization has links to DarkSide… https://t.co/w2ZfZnHt5g Check it out! https://t.co/00F35AHQfP
  • Thu, 19:49: The Source presents A brief update on Metro Micro: Metro Micro is now piloting in seven different service zones across Los Angeles County — and we’re glad to see so many people giving it a try! However, as the [continue reading] https://t.co/bJxOupCa1t https://t.co/jag17BaurJ
  • Thu, 22:00: The Source presents Upcoming public hearings for project to add Metrolink service to Antelope Valley: The Antelope Valley Line (AVL) Capacity and Service Improvements Program is a proposed project that aims to improve service frequency and reliability… https://t.co/GNlMk7MPCo https://t.co/e3s0klvQ39
  • Fri, 03:30: Trend Micro Search: Risks in Telecommunications IT: We summarize the characteristics, threats, and recommendations to improve the security posture of enterprises' and telecommunications companies' IT infrastructure. https://t.co/QWISAkVW71 Check it out! https://t.co/sonLpeXp04
  • Fri, 07:20: Trend Micro Risks in Telecommunications IT: We summarize the characteristics, threats, and recommendations to improve the security posture of enterprises' and telecommunications companies' IT infrastructure. https://t.co/vug6QaGvum https://t.co/s2fxPTba3h
  • Fri, 08:32: Last Pass presents LastPass Now Secures Workstations and Identity Providers With Our Advanced MFA: LastPass now offers businesses the ability to seamlessly secure all their endpoints under one comprehensive multi-factor authentication (MFA)… https://t.co/hQqPDYgp12 check it out https://t.co/ktVhifKc6B
  • Fri, 11:41: Cyber scoop Wyden bill would require digital signatures for sensitive court orders: Miscreants have leveraged counterfeit court documents to authorize wiretaps on romantic interests or dupe Google into removing embarrassing links from… https://t.co/qn3Nn2mBQ8 Check it out! https://t.co/e20O2TGPe4
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