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  • Sun, 18:41: Let's see if program 305 of the independent artist show can go a second time: We had a technical problem with last week's program 305 so this hopefully will be program 305. Let's see if the technical gremblens will let me save this one and get it up and… https://t.co/DTNXLlaEMr https://t.co/Z2SaYAl3QK
  • Sun, 23:38: tech blog supporters webpage: Hi. I have a supporters/ partners webpage. It can be found here. https://t.co/k4qgaExzsr Currently I have the blind perspective and top tech tidbits magazine listed. Sadly perspective hasn’t returned a request… https://t.co/pIin25UEVN check it out!
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    Tue, 14:46: RT @ jrimer2008: tech blog There was an event today, which I did see an email about from apple but didn’t read it. We’ll see if a…

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    Mon, 13:28: tech blog IOS 15 is now released, lots of things to be aware of: AppleVis has a great writeup found by the article title Apple…

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    Sun, 15:23: The Independent artist show, broadcast 307: Broadcast 307 will have a very interesting topic as well as tunes for your Sunday. set…

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