February 4th, 2020

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 108: Weartists

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Broadcast 108 has weartists who has two albums, one just released in 2019 and their self titled.

Set 1:
Weartists, G Spot
Weartists, Lil' Ms Scandal
Greg Williams, Hymn

Set 2:
Adam Fielding, An Uncertain Future
Ambient Teknology, Ankh3
Andre Rodriguez, Look Away
Weartists, Golden Glare
Andy Gabrys, Fat
Weartists, You're So Heavy I Can't Resist

Set 3:
Hellena, Arsonist's Lullaby
Hellena, Heartshaped Box
Hellena, You Know I'm No Good
Crows Labyrinth, Our Last Dream - Single Version
Cousin Silas & Candy L, The Old Road That Suddenly Stops

Set 4:
Acappella, Rock of Ages
Kerani, Spirit of the Last Wilderness
Ashana, When All Is Forgiven
Forty Seven Indie Groups, In Old Judea 1:47 (Jerry Elliott)
Ninja Sex Party, Take on Me
Acappella, I Understand
Matthew Schoening, Falling Into Position
Ninja Sex Party, Your Love
Forty Seven Indie Groups, Christmas Must Be Tonight 3:40 (The Dady Brothers)
Phrozenlight, The Machines End the Kanly

Set 5:
Weartists, Ground Shaker
Aitua, Medieval Game - IV Enigmatic Forest
Alexander Lisenkov, Good Night
Aluminum Forest, Humanity
Amy Denio, Car Life
Weartists, 69
White Rhino, Rhodesia
Zero Slum, Inner Sabotage
Zeph Allen, You Could Be
Phrozenlight, 03 - Night Of The Legion
Scott Lawlor and Sevenism, spirit unbroken

This will complete the program and I hope you enjoy it. If you listen via podcast, please let me know what you think. Contact info can be found on the contact the dj's page page on the mix. Thanks for listening!

The Independent artist show, broadcast 229

The RSS feeds have this show. The Podcast directory on the mix have links to the RSS feeds, so pick the one you want.

On last week's program, we broke the news of the death of Kobe Bryant. This show will play two tributes, one by the Kings, and one by the Lakers.

We're also going to have a wide variety of music, talk, and the like.

Set 1:
Ian Underwood, The Great Vending Machine Sandwich Buffet
Ambient Teknology, Too Hot 2Bot
Andreas Almqvist, Variation 6
Andy Gabrys, Limits

Set 2:
Rob Cosh, Canopy Level
Rocket City Riot, Killing Me
Sampson-Carroll, Great Lakes Chain Gang-Sampson
SCD, Froberger: Toccata III in C Major, 1656

Set 3:
Acappella, Ready to Go
Bob Mamet Trio, Illinois Road
Christina Cotruvo, Do Not Cry
Escort, My Life
Jim Wilson, Foolish Me

Set 4:
Aitua, Elements - I Blind Fire
Align in Time, Scarecrow
Anamar, Maré Cheia
Andy Findon, Sweet Honey Sucking Bees (John Wilbye)
Anthony Salvo, France
Art Sonic, Western exposure

This complets the program. The program ends with the 23 minute tribute to Kobe, as about the time it is played, we find out the news one week prior. The 23 minute tribute is perfect to end the program, and I do play and have a topic of interest. Thanks so much for listening, see you soon!

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