March 9th, 2020

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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 112

Broadcast 112 of the spotlight was interesting. Its up on the RSS feeds and Mixcloud.

Below, find notes and links where aplicable.

Broadcast 112 is here, the first is Predestined who is not on Magnatune, The other is, and its The Old Recruits. They are a group in England, and its interesting on who started it.

Mark did Email and correct me on the other artist which I said I'd play and we did play Predestined. They are no longer on Magnatune's web site, sadly. We've featured artists in this situation before, and I still enjoy them even though they aren't on Magnatune.

Set 1:
Dixie Cannon, Monkey Town
Diometrix, gavia
Dubmaster Conte, Carlo's Dub

Set 2:
The Old Recruits, Move Your Feet
The Old Recruits, Little Question
The Easton Ellises, Glitches

Set 3:
The Raindoggs, Black
The Reminding Ideas, The Remaining Idea
CrimsonFaced, So I Can Sleep
The Town Monster, Raincloud
Thursday Next, Anything Boys
The Rapture, Breathe Deep Live Shallow
The McDonald-Bianculli Flute and Guitar Duo, A Psalm of Thanksgiving (Frederic Hand)-The McDonald
The Celtic Reggae Revolution, Ghandi's Triumph (Intrumental)
The Rapture, Cobwebs and Clowns
The Lost Mode, Huseyni Cecen Kizi
The Alien Mike ET, Stained Glass II

Set 4:
Predestined, Piece Of My Heart
Predestined, Negative
Philipp Weigl, Wrapped
Paul Avgerinos, Know Thyself
Ostraka, Ancor Che Col Partire, Modo Facile from Passaggi per potersi essercitare (Richardo Rognoni)
The Old Recruits, Everybody's Free
The Old Recruits, Let Me Be
Thirty Day Notice, The Happy Dead
Tokyo507, Bamboo Baby
Tim Rayborn, Sempr' alegria

This is the end of the program. We do play one more track from our now gone Predestined group, Rose From The Dead. Its going to be the final track as I'm keeping it to 3 hours today. I hope you've enjoyed the program as much as I did putting the program together. I hope you enjoyed both artists. Thanks for listening!

The Independent artist show, broadcast 234

The Independent artist show, broadcast 234 has a very interesting topic as well as tons of music. This is going to get interesting as the topic effects us all, around the world. Smaller topics as well, but one in which I just saw my first spam message of, after reading the note that I link to within the show notes.

Welcome to broadcast 234. Lots of tunes, less talk. We do, however, have one big topic I think that people will need to at least glance at, if nothing else than to read it if you want to skip the audio, but the audio talks about the fact this is here in the show notes. It deals with the Corona virus. Other smaller topics, but mainly music.

Set 1:
Acappella, Well on My Way
Adam Fielding, I Am Falling
Aluminum Forest, Victim of Myself

Set 2:
Tim Neumark, Non Sequitur
Suzanne Pittson, You and the Night and the Music
Stuart Hamm, Big Roller
Rob Martino, One Cloud

After set 2, I talked on the program about the fact that the threat actors may try to target us with email reporting to have information on the Corona Virus. I do not want to scare any of the potential people listening to the program, but I do want people to know about this potential threat to our security. I saw an email with a link to information about this potential threat. Here is the blog post from the tech blog: Defending Against COVID-19 Cyber Scams for you to read and click through to read more. The Jared Rimer Network wants all listeners to be aware of this potential, as we continue to get outbreaks of this potentially problematic illness we're dealing with today.

Set 3:
Logic Gate, Biomorph
Lisa Lynne and George Tortorelli, Shining Where You Stand
Lunar5, Sleeping Guardian (A Legacy Remake)
Mandrake Root, Love on Wheels
Mark Preston, Awaken Life
Memories of Tomorrow, Night or Day
Mike McGuill, Quell
Mountain Mirrors, Rain
Alan Broadbent, Chi Chi
Brian Crain, One Morning in June

Set 4:
Zero Slum, Dem Strings
Yongen, Romeo Didn't Know Juliet
Wildcat Viols, Fantazia in G Minor/Major (J H
Weartists, New Wow
Viviana Guzman, Double Eagle
Val Davis, Court of Greedy Kings
Ty Burhoe, Rio--Bill Douglas - Ty Burhoe - Kai Eckhardt
Tramo, Steady
Timothy Vajda, A Notch Under The Good Ninety

Set 5:
Candy Empire, Forming
Candidate, Everything For Us
Cavalcade, Industry
Chiwawa, No One's Idol
Conway Hambone, Herbert Fontaine
dammerson vaughan, Outerbridge Crossing

This will complete the program, I hope you enjoyed it if you listened live, if not, I hope you will enjoy the podcast and feel free to contact me.