March 16th, 2020

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 113: Industrial Sound Bank

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Find below, the playlist of this awesome show!

Welcome to program 113 of the spotlight. Industrial Sound Bank is a New York based group with three albums. This is a one man band, and the story is quite interesting.

We'll have tracks from all three albums and plenty of music and talk. I hope you enjoy!

Set 1:
General Fuzz, Go Inward
Gokul Salvadi, Amruthavarshini - the Club
Greg Williams, Action Theme No.1
Hans Christian, Entering The Mystery

Set 2:
Jim Wilson, Anna's Blue Skies
Lissa Schneckenburger, Huntsman's Chorus
Peter Davidson, Rain Drop Drum
Puchi Colon, We Worship You (Radio Version)
String of Lights, Rusted Tracks
Idlemine, Circus

Set 3:
Industrial Sound Bank, Time Stands Still
Industrial Sound Bank, Can't Go Back
Industrial Sound Bank, Serenity Escapes Me
Iordache, I Guess it's Love
Jacob Heringman, Ach lieb mit leid (Hofhaimer)
Jami Sieber, At The Loft

Set 4:
La Nuova Musica, Sfogava con le stelle (Claudio Monteverdi)
Industrial Sound Bank, Feel This Way (ft E Minor)
Lilly Wolf, Disaster
Loc Saint, Pillz
Industrial Sound Bank, Adored
Lisa DeBenedictis, Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix) by hisboyelroy
Idlemine, Let Me Out
Industrial Sound Bank, Friday (DNT)
Hwy E, Time 2 Floss

Set 5:
Ian Underwood, The Doinklesphere
Industrial Sound Bank, The Disk Platter Spins
Human Response, Stranger
Individual Choice, Scott
Industrial Sound Bank, Have You Heard
Ireen Thomas, Courante Quatriesme (Robert Ballard (ca 1572 - after 1650))
Indidginus, Twilight
Dubmaster Conte, Dubbin Ado
Industrial Sound Bank, PredicTableism
Zero Slum, Flowers
William Brooks, Bedroom Window
Industrial Sound Bank, Fear Of Analogs
Wavebuffet, Plexus

This will complete today's program. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. I played one more track which is mentioned in the program. See you next week.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 235

Broadcast 235 of the spotlight is now up on the feeds. Here's a link to the podcast directory on the mix where you can find the best link to use.

This show is a show that has a little bit of talk, but mostly music. I love doing these shows better, but sometimes there is a need to talk.

I hope you enjoy the program and below, find the playlist.

Broadcast 235 has more music, and less talk today. Hope you enjoy!

Set 1:
One Sock Thief, Spin
Ozzie Cruse, Dude is Double DB
OTiS, Every Story
Nuform, Night in NY

Set 2:
Allen Coté, Conservative Lament
Ambient Teknology, Shred
Amycanbe, Everywhere
Andy Findon, Prelude in E Minor (Frederic Chopin)
Anthony Hugh, Hero (I'll Be There)

Set 3:
Ladislav Jelinek, Silhouettes Op8 No6 Poco sostenuto (A Dvorak)
LehtMoJoe, Overdue
Lisa Lynne and George Tortorelli, Still The Moon
Lisa Lynne, Brolera
Lydia McCauley, Black Walnut And Willow Waltz

Set 4:
Andrea Gibson, The Vinegar Club
Bob Mamet Trio, Venice Waltz
David Youngman, Simple Gifts
Ginny Owens, Without You
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Everything's Gonna Be All Right
Sylvia, Arrow
McKenna Morris, Forever
Peter Davidson, Ocean Corridors
Sjel, Dawning
Sylvia, Christmas Bells
The Quebe Sisters Band, Red Wing

Set 5:
Old Crow Medicine Show, Dixieland Delight
Tony Succar, They Don't Care About Us (feat. Kevin Ceballo) [Live]
Swayzak, Mike Up Your Mind
Robin Spielberg, First Night
Maccabeats, Shed a Little Light
Joi Cardwell, Love Lost
FC Kahuna, Hayling
David Darling, Clear Day

This will complete the program. Lots of tunes today was the feature, and while there was some talk, not long segments. I hope you enjoyed the program if you listened live, and if you listened via Podcast, I hope that this is a breath of fresh air during this trying time. I will be back next week. Enjoy!