April 3rd, 2020

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The Independent artist show, broadcast 238

Broadcast 238 was a show I did on the spur of the moment. With all of the distancing we have to do, I decided to do a show with some talk, amd plenty of music.

Topics that may have been covered might be able to be found on Technology Blog so feel free to peruse it and see if you find anything to talk about.

Below, please find the show notes, and thanks for listening!

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This is a spur of the moment show. Talk, music, and more. This show was played on the independent channel. It may be broadcasted when it is not possible for me to do a show live. If you listened via the independent channel, thank you!

Set 1:
Allen Cote, April is the Cruellest Girl
Ambient Teknology, Lushed
Andre Rodriguez, Somewhere New

Set 2:
Myles Cochran, Wait a while
Music Inside, It Feels Like This
Kaissa, Joy
Kato Kahra, Dreamin
LVX Nova, Melancholia

Set 3:
One Sock Thief, Spin
Ostracon, Telemetry Implant
Paolo Pavan, Nobody Sleep
Rana, Ocean Blue
Reza Manzoori, Saga Six
Rob Johnson Music, Monsters
Rocket City Riot, Believe In Me
Saros, Consolation
Un-Kai, Treasure of Your Eyes-Un
Vate, Spexie
Emiel Stopler, The Peasant Wedding
English Ayres, Dowland's Bells (John Dowland)
Eternal Jazz Project, Walking Home
Fernwood, Crane

Set 4:
Let us change this up a bit by playing some mixed long and short pieces by CD Baby and Bandcamp material. Remember that CD Baby closed their doors at the end of March, so the music will have to be baught elsewhere now.
Glenn Sogge with Boson Spin, Slumber Number Two
Hotel Neon, Roke
Michelle Qureshi, Snapdragons
Phrozenlight, Waiting For The Coming Of The Season Switch
Aeoliah, Mahavira
Blue Cranes, Here Is You, Here Is Me
Isham(Ike)Alexander, Pull 'Em Up! Please!
Kerani, Drive
Phrozenlight, Galactic Wanderer Having A Sad Feeling On A Late November Evening

That completes this program. I enjoyed doing this program, and if this were to be rebroadcasted, it'll be on a future date in which I'm not scheduled to do a show. I have that date in mind, but will announce it later on as that time comes closer. I'm releasing as is now though.