May 4th, 2020

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 120

Broadcast 120 was quite awesome I'd say. I've uploaded the show to both RSS feeds, and I'll upload to mixcloud as well.

Below, please find the show notes.

The Independent Artist Spotlight, broadcast 120: Jake Bradford-Sharp
Jake Bradford-Sharp lives in a little town in England. This is going to define what jazz might sound like if this trend he has in this album persists. He's also found on Amazon music with a bunch more stuff. Awesome?
Set 1:
hands upon black earth, Aroha Eternal
Homeless Balloon, Borneo
Indidginus, Mind Over Mantra

Set 2:
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 1 - What To Expect-Jake Bradford
Drop Trio, Shelby
Dixie Cannon, Song of a Modern Saint

Set 3:
Daniel Knowler, Before The Light
Liquid Rainbow, Lonely August Day
Aitua, Elements - II The Rain
AlmaNova, Love
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 2 - Effronte-Jake Bradford

Set 4:
Eternal Jazz Project, Song in a Mirror
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 3 - Sax on Fire-Jake Bradford
Father of Sam, Sinner
Flurries, Two Way Mirror
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 4 - Put a Step in Your Skip-Jake Bradford

Set 5:
Aluminum Forest, Ugly Face
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 5 - Boogie Woogie-Jake Bradford
AndrewPlusJohn, Frida
Artemis, Sync or Swim (Glass House Mix) - Mijo
Jake Bradford-Sharp, Experiment 6 - La Vache Fait Meuh-Jake Bradford
Barks and Crock, Walking On A Rainbow
Bindi Society, Sharinam
Brigitte Meuwsen, That's What It's All About
Jake Bradford-Sharp, experiment 7 - Through The Fog-Jake Bradford

Set 6:
Steve Roach, Structures from Silence
Cfcf, Raining Patterns
Scott Lawlor, feeling Tears

Set 7:
Daniel Estrem, Prelude from Cello Suite no6 BWV1012
Daniel Estrem, Allemande from Partita no2 BWV1004
Daniel Estrem, Ciaccona from Partita no2 BWV1004
David Augustin, Kommos
Diana Rowan, La Rosa Enflorece/To Rinaki
Daniel Estrem, Rumores de la Caleta (Malaguena) from Recuerdos de viaje, Op. 71
DP Kaufman, All We Can Do

This will complete the program. Thanks for listening!

The Independent artist show, broadcast 240

The spotlighted artist was Ed Durbrow, which will be linked in the notes.

This isn't one of my better shows, I honestly feel like I didn't put my best foot forward.

While my issues are resolved with my internet, I felt sluggish all day yesterday, and I think it may have shown within the program.

The program did end early, not because of my tiredness, but I didn't have anything scheduled and it was almost time for the next program anyhow.

Both RSS feeds have the program and I'll upload to mixcloud as well. Find below the playlist and notations, and next week will be better I'm sure.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 242: Ed Durbrow and lots of other tunes
Ed Durbrow has been playing Lute for many years. It shows in the first album with over 20 tracks. In a show that may be cut short due to a tech coming to fix the Wifi, we'll play some of these tracks today on this show. We'll see what happens.

Set 1:
Kaissa, Big Brother
Kara Nomadica, Bad Pumpkin
Kene, Strange Dream

Set 2:
Ernesto Schnack, Born in twilight (part1)
Farallon Recorder Quartet, Es wollt' ein Mann versuechen sein Weiss
Five Star Fall, Automatic Ordinary
Ed Durbrow, Fors seulement (Josquin des Prez, arr. Francesco da Milano)
Ed Durbrow, Landato Dio (Joan Ambrosio Dalza)

Set 3:
DJ Markitos, Artificial Signals
General Fuzz, Warm Steel
Horstreich, Dancing to the Alarm
Jambedaem, Balance
Jeffrey Luck Lucas, The Devil On Me
Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles, Chubby's on the Way

Set 4:
Ed Durbrow, Gassen Hawer (Hans Neusidler)
Ed Durbrow, Dialogo (Vincenzo Galilei)
Nathan Mathes, When The Morning Comes
Nigel Martin, How You Doin
One Sock Thief, Tell Them Now
Paul Avgerinos, Floating Clouds

Set 5:
Matthew Schoening, Desert Dreams
Peter Davidson, Wooden Bell
Shir Soul, L'chai Olamim
Suzanne Pittson, Out of Nowhere
The Modern Savage, Bitter Pill
Ty Causey, Livin' On the Borderline
Frank Smith, Anything for a Smile
Matt Millecchia, Dream Garage
Doug Hammer, Maine Morning
David Nevue, A Vision in White
Lisa Downing, Night Games

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