May 11th, 2020

Coming up Sunday on the show

Coming up Sunday, we've got a very interesting artist. You can find him on Amazon Music, but the album on Magnatune is quite good and is also available there too.

Who am I talking about? Cary Kanno is described on Magnatune as: Uptempo, happy, banjo-driven acoustic folk pop. This is going to be quite interesting. Have you heard this artist before and what did you think?

go to our listeners page to get your seats on Sunday at noon CT, 10 am PT. Enjoy!

Tomorrow on the spotlight show

Tomorrow on the independent artist spotlight is Andy Gabrys. With notations of the only album within its notations, we'll talk about this artist as the final for Jazz Appreciation month.

The Fun starts at 3 CT tomorrow, thats 1 PT, and its all held on the Magnatune server as wellas server 1 on the mix's suite of servers. Why not come join me?

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The Independent artist show, broadcast 243: Cary Kanno and more

RSS feed have the program. Here are the notes.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 243: Cary Kanno and more
Cary Kanno is described on Magnatune as: Uptempo, happy, banjo-driven acoustic folk pop. With lots of other Material on Amazon, the artist has a lot going for him. This first album on Magnatune won't disappoint.
Set 1:
Fuzzit, Hustler
Glen Bledsoe, The King in Yellow Cowboy Boots
Howard Ferre, Stained Glass Reflection
Icicle, Meet Me A Third Of The Way

Set 2:
Nathan Mathes, Never Vice Versa
Olexa Kabanov, Skomoroshki
Optimal Tunes, Crystal Clear
Park St Trio, Suspicious Love
Plunkett, Sun Shines

Set 3:
Mogilalia, Boat on the River
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes, Dizzy Street
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes, Hard to Stop
Mauricio Buraglia, Menuet en do mineur (Sylvius Leopold Weiss)
Mauricio Buraglia, Presto en fa mineur (Sylvius Leopold Weiss)
Cary Kanno, Boy Meets Girl
Cary Kanno, Everybodys got to believe in something

Set 4:
Maneli Jamal, Javun
Marcos H Bolanos, The Dream
Matthew E Sargent, Neverland Revived
Merry Ellen Kirk, Secret Place
Michelle Bellerose, Thousand ancestors wide
Mike Wall, In the Now

Set 5:
Three tracks from an album from Ehren Starks after 15 years of not releasing anything.
Ehren Starks, Arbiters
Ehren Starks, The Prodding
Ehren Starks, Locket

That completes the independent atist show, see you all next week.

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 121

The spotlight for broadcast 121 is going to be quite interesting. We featured a great artist, and lots of tunes to boot.

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 121: Andy Gabrys
This week, Andy Gabrys in the spotlight. Only one album on Magnatune, also on Amazon, lots of different style among the tracks. Described on Magnatune, Andy's profile says: "Classic jazz guitar sound in modern day setting" You decide.

Set 1:
Moh Alileche, Oppressed People

Set 2:
Monte Casino, Descending
Mutandina, Dicen
Nick Kingsley, Heatwave

Set 3:
Nick Kingsley, Time Travel
Nova Express, Motorway
The Hurdy-Gurdy Band, Amusements en Duo - Tambourins 1 & 2 (Jean-Baptiste Dupuits)-The Hurdy
The Reminding Ideas, Good Clown, Bad Clown
Thomas, The People That Walked In Darkness
Tim Rayborn, Aflakiyan

Set 4:
Andrew Jilin, The Saga of the Mekong River
Anna Rynefors and Erik Ask Upmark, Seglora
Andy Gabrys, 1704
Erik Ask Upmark, Fingerstrackarn
Evgeny Bardyuzha, Beauty in Recursion
Francesca Torelli, La Muzette Rondeau
Andy Gabrys, Breakout
Anthony Salvo, Road Back to You
Art Sonic, Western exposure
Barks and Crock, DMO

Set 5:
Ed Durbrow, Volt (Anon.)
Austin Crosby, Connotes
Belief Systems, Deep House
Bill Robinson, I A Small, Still Voice (Adagio con queso) from Clarinet Sextet
Brad Senne, Linger On
Andy Gabrys, September
LOOT, Lifetime
hands upon black earth, Wilderness
Hwy E, Let Me Know How U Feel
ANDROMEDA, I Will Forget You
Anton Cosmo, Walk In My Shoes
Andy Gabrys, Sleep
Arthur Yoria, I Told You Not to Write Again
Barry Sulkin, Canoe
Ben Rusch, How Long Must I Wait Until the Ocean

Set 6:
This set is coming from new material from the May 1st buy everything from Bandcamp and support artists project. They waved their fees, and I buaught some stuff. While this puts the show over, I hope you enjoy these tracks, and we play two from each of the listed albums we got.
linnea, the aloneness
Cousin Silas & Beltism, Land Drift
Cousin Silas & Eisenlager, Studie In Zufälligen Farben
Earlyguard, The Abyss
Earlyguard, Eternally Waiting
linnea, fierce onset of wintry malaise

For the Spanish music, please send me links to anything you find whether you use the Magnatune web site, or find it elsewhere. The links must be sent by email, as I then need to get profile info or buy the material. I hope that people partake in this, contact me through the contact the DJ's page with any questions or to send those links. If you have other contact info, you may utalize that, but please send email, don't send through other media. Thanks for listening to today's program!