May 19th, 2020

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last week's spotlight, broadcast 122

I don't know if I put out the playlist for the spotlight and show, so I'm going to put them out now.

This message is including only the spotlight.

Here are those notes.

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 122: Mutandina
On this episode, we've got a Spanih artist to start us off with, who has two albums. Mutandina is described on Magnatune as: Funk jazz salsa rock from argentina. I feature two tracks from both albums, and it was a lot of fun. Somehow howevr, someone put a track in here I didn't approve of. Wonder why or who did it and why? Check out the entire show as I get it back in course and we play some great tunes asside. Enjoy!
Set 1:
Jon Secada, If You Go (Spanglish Version)
Manuel Ochoa, Feng Shui
Manuel Ochoa, Nop Tempo
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes, Sell My Soul

Set 2:
allMeadow and Rob Costlow, You Know Us
Andreas Almqvist, Variation 24
AntiGuru, Rain at Night

Set 2:
Mutandina, Juego
Mutandina, Caminos
Ninety Pounds of Ugly, Neither here nor there
Opened Paradise, All Dreams Like Men
Philipp Weigl, Silent Ways
Professor Armchair, Cubanola Glide
Reza Manzoori, Insignia
SGX, One Last

Set 3:
The Dimples, Cyclicality
The Proper Authorities, The Depth Of Things
Thirty Day Notice, Toxic Hue
Tilopa, Inner Game
Daniel Estrem, Cataluna from Suite Espanola (I Albeniz)
Tom Bolton, Crying Day
Trevor and the Joneses, It's Getting Early
Vasily Boykov, Alien Strangers
Daniel Estrem, Tango from Espana seis hjoas de album, Op. 165
Machines in Transit, solitude

Set 4:
Mundi, Ramo Ramo
My Woshin Mashin, We Are What We Eat
Mutandina, Superficial
Nick Kingsley, Footprint copy
Norine Braun, States of Faith
Nigel Martin, Devil Racer
Oliostere, 100 Personnes
Mutandina, Skason
OTiS, Creeping
Paul Avgerinos, Day Dreams - And Thirst is Quenched

Set 5:
Urban Response, Hip Hop Nao Hai de Morrer
Tomas Lozano, Yo me levantara Madre (Cancionero de Romances 1550; music by T. Lozano, dedicated to Amancio Prada)
Viva La Pepa, Plata y oro
Torn Down Units, Rocket On The Plains
Thursday Next, Anything Boys
The West Exit, Super Disco

Show change

The Independent artist spotlight will now be on the mix from 4 PM to 8 PM station time, 2 to 6 pacific time. This will start this Saturday.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 244

In this message, I'm submitting the show notes for the independent artist show. We'll have some new tunes soon, and I hope you'll enjoy.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 244: music, talk, and more
On today's program, we'll have plenty of music from across the landscape, and we'll also have some talk too. I heard something on Flashback Friday that I'm going to talk about, and I'll play a lengthy podcast on the independent channel after the show. We'll see what else comes up.

Set 1:
Zero Slum, Inner Sabotage
William Brooks, Everybody's Faking It
Voices of Music, Sonata for Viola Da Gamba and Harpsichord BWV 1027-4. Allegro Moderato (JS Bach)
Toni Castells, I Find It Quite Enjoyable Being with Snobbish People
Timothy Vajda, A Notch Under The Good Ninety

Set 2:
Adina Spire, Tatal Nostru
Ian Underwood, Walrus Love
J Nilsson Project, Car 251
Jasmine Brunch, Skin
Jeromy Darling, Ariel
John Williams, Curious Women
Justin Bianco, Upon The Shore

Set 3:
Scott Lawlor, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

This is the end of the program, and I hope you've enjoyed it. I'll be back next time.