June 2nd, 2020

The Independent artist show for last Sunday

Last Sunday was the independent show. Its up on the RSS feeds, and I definitely felt way too tired, but did the show anyhow. Don't quite know why i was tired if I had slept well, but ah well.

Here is the playlist, and I hope you enjoy the alphabet soup, independent artist style.

Alphabet Soup on broadcast 246 done the correct way. We start with A, artists only.

Set 1:
Abbas Premjee, Inner Fire
Eliyahu Sills, Desert Dub
Saros, Revel in Dreams
Solace, Harvest moon

Set 2:
Edward Martin, Pieces in D Major-Campanella-David Kellner
Nightfall Project, Know The Lies
Terracotta Blue, Folkloric
Emancipator, Eve
RebbeSoul, Let My People Go
Lana Del Rey, Summertime Sadness (Asadinho Vocal Mix)
Yongen, I Wounded My Summer Last Night
Neurobic, Love Me

Set 3:
Crows Labyrinth, Our Last Dream - Single Version
Hotel Neon, Side A
Neuronium, Fullness
Michelle Qureshi, Snapdragons
iceman bob, essence

Set 4:
------------- Hour Marker -------------, 1000 (10am 5/31/2020)
Blue Cranes, Broken Windmills
Suzanne Pittson, You and the Night and the Music
Norm Lewis, It’s Not Unusual
Sjel, The Darkest Night
Lisa Forget, The Irish Blessing (Christmas Version)
Ty Causey, If We Got Love
Yumi Kurosawa, One Girl's Story

Last saturday's spotlight show

The RSS feeds now have Saturday's show up on it, so go get it. Another great show, which the playlist follows. Go over to the podcasts page on the mix to get your copy.

Welcome to the program everyone. This is broadcast 124, and it looks to be another good one.

This week, we fulfill a request in Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen which is a duel out of Chili. This aught to get quite interesting. I hope you enjoy the music!

Set 1:
, 07 Dingui-Li Bangui
macabro, Blue Glow
Lisa Lynne, Bamboo Morning
Manuel Ochoa, To Be Well

Set 2:
Acappella, How Can I Truly Say?
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Cover Me!
Thomas, Peace I
The Union Trade, The Nights Are Getting Longer
Tiny Little Blackouts, Happy Is Dead For Now

Set 3:
, 05 Regresa a Mi
Windcheater, Cover (Out in the Hall Mix, ft waynb)
Voltergeist, Sing it to the Moon
Ustoz, Clair De Lune
Claire Fitch, Underwater

Set 4:
Robert F Trucios, Suite Bergamasque: Clair De Lune (Claude DeBussy)
Daniel Estrem, Clair de Lune - Suite Bergamasque (C Debussy)
Merry Ellen Kirk, Clair de Lune
Eleanor Hodgkinson, Clair de Lune (C Debussy)
Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen, Cumbees (Santiago de Murcia)
Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen, Obra por la K3, Preludio (Santiago de Murcia)

Set 5:
Daniel Estrem, Rumores de la Caleta (Malaguena) from Recuerdos de viaje, Op. 71
Daniel Estrem, Spanish Dance no. 2 (Oriental)
Daniel Estrem, Introduccion y escena from El Amor Brujo (M de Falla)
Daniel Estrem, En la cueva from El Amor Brujo (M de Falla)
Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen, Marcha balona (Santiago de Murcia)
Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen, Obra por la C, Alemanda (Santiago de Murcia)
Eleanor Hodgkinson, Sonetto 104 del Petrarca (F Liszt)
English Ayres, Sweet, do not thus destroy me (Nicholas Lanier)
Eric Kamen, Anxiety
Adriano Fontana, Pioggia
Almer and Nirvan, Emina
Andrew Jilin, The Last Day of Summer
Anthony Hugh, Blueberry Smile
Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen, Obra por la C, Giga (Santiago de Murcia)

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I've about had it with these protests!


I've about had it with these protests. I understand why they are taking place, and I'm truly sorry for what happened, I wish we have learned as a society from our past history.

While I support the protests to a point based on the information i have heard, it is not necessary for people to be looting, causing fires, and havoc across the city or county in which you live.

There is a peaceful way to do things including mentioning how you want change, and what you'd like to see done. Stand outside City Hall, hold up signs, voice your displeasure on the treatment of police towards people without probable cause.

One person who is a basketball player for Ohio State protested peacefully, got detained, than let go. That is what the good people do. He wasn't hurting anyone, and he probably got detained to be asked about whatever the issue was. Seeing he didn't do anything wrong, he was let go.

I've had it with people targeting unnecessary businesses who have nothing to do with with what you're upset with. What does a Macey's store have to do with officers who mistreated someone unnecessarily? In my humble opinion, nothing. Leave the general businesses alone. Leave the freeways alone, the people traveling on them have nothing to do with you being upset at the police.

Leave the fire stations alone. While they're a part of the police and safety teams, the fire departments have nothing to do with with what police do, its a separate department.

Are you all doing this to get police to respond so you can kick some ass? If thats your motive, you're doing a great job at it, closing train stations that people need to use to transfer to continue their trip.

I was supposed to do an essential activity for Metro today, but bowed out because of the closures of train stations, one of which I use as a transfer point. I don't want to be stranded.

This has been going on long enough, lets go back to work and leave the police alone. I would greatly appreciate it.