June 18th, 2020

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  • Wed, 15:23: Cyber scoop Feds, states unveil pilot program meant to secure voter databases and other election systems: Election… https://t.co/e8s225u8yz
  • Wed, 18:41: Cyber scoop In reversal, Zoom says all users will have access to end-to-end encryption: Zoom has decided it will be… https://t.co/QevHbgfgzE
  • Wed, 19:49: Cyber scoop Treasury Department sanctions six Nigerians after email scam nabs millions of dollars: U.S. officials h… https://t.co/RyqLWhZRAy
  • Wed, 22:00: Cyber scoop Netgear moves to plug vulnerability in routers after researchers find zero-day: A newly discovered soft… https://t.co/si7iLjp1rI
  • Thu, 03:31: The Source presents Service Advisory: Buses replace C Line (Green) train service between Hawthorne/Lennox and Redon… https://t.co/fyPLSM9MaN
  • Thu, 07:21: Krebs on security When Security Takes a Backseat to Productivity: "We must care as much about securing our systems… https://t.co/hTNWDerXad
  • Thu, 08:31: The Source presents Metro holds annual State of the Agency event: Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington joined Inglewood… https://t.co/fzUxtDtgs6
  • Thu, 10:42: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog More Zoom trouble, better get your installer game on: I’m trying to catch up on stuff that I’ve read that is a li…
  • Thu, 10:57: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Fileless attacks, they’re becoming real: I’ve seen some articles in regards to something called fileless attacks.…
  • Thu, 11:41: Cyber scoop Federal agencies recommend blocking Hong Kong-US undersea cable over national security concerns: The De… https://t.co/wJa9sKeLk8