June 29th, 2020

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No independent shows this week

I'm going to take the holiday weekend off. Here is the email in regards to the spotlight specifically, and the announcement about the shows not airing.

The email was sent to the listeners list.


There will be no independent shows as I'm taking the holiday weekend off. Don't freat, the independent channel will have older shows broadcasted through the years where independent tunes were featured. It'll be comercial free minus the comercials at the time of those shows.

That will start Saturday after I wake up, all the way till Monday morning when I wake up.

Also, I've submitted artists for the women's series groups and artists to be featured.

btroadcast 129: Suzanne Teng
broadcast 130: Solar Theory
broadcast 131: Kitka
broadcast 132: a favorite yet maybe not known to some ANDROMEDA
broadcast 133: Aitua

Have any other artists or groups? Please make sure you send them to me. I can definitely go get more, lets see how long the series lasts.

I'll be returning Saturday, July 10th. Hope to see you then for more great independent music!

The Independent artist show, broadcast 250

I recently had my broadcast 250 show, and the playlist follows. I've seriously been neglecting posting playlists like I used to do, and really need to get back in to doing that. They're probably hard to read in RSS form, even with the changes. The single feeds need to get updated, and I've seriously neglected mixcloud.

If you want playlists to other shows you've heard, I can send you files, please let me know.

Below, find some new material including a track being released tomorrow.

Broadcast 250 of the independent show, playing a wide variety of tunes and even some new material given to us by Herbie. Its going to be a packed show of mainly long sets, although the first set is short in tracks but lengthy just the same. Set 2 has an unreleased track that will be released Tuesday, June 30th.

Set 1:
Gopal, Life Flows On
Hector Mukomol, The Land We Tread
Ishwish, Trilogy: The Journey of the Whales

Set 2:
Crows Labyrinth, Slow Embrace
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Come, People of the Risen King
Tatiana Kochkareva, Dear Friend
Terracotta Blue, Folkloric
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, God, The Uncreated One (King Forevermore)
The Hurdy-Gurdy Band, Amusements en Duo - Tambourins 1 & 2 (Jean-Baptiste Dupuits)-The Hurdy
The Celtic Reggae Revolution, You've Got To Laugh
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, The Blessing of Abraham
Superdirt2, Mademoiselle
Strojovna 07, Neboziec
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Agnus Dei
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Glorify Thy Name
Aitua, Medieval Game - V Victory from Darkness
Abbas Premjee, Rise from Slumber
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, If You MIss Me
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Ancient Words

Set 3:
Healing Muses, Kitty Magennis (Turlough O'Carolan, arr Dan Reiter)
Howard Ferre, Turning Point
Icicle, 1962
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Praise the Lord
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Acappella, The Walls Came Down
Ariel Rose, Hanukkah's Child
Chad Farran, Touchdown in Madras
Chris Britton, Prelude in B Flat Major BWV866 (JS Bach)
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Christ We Do All Adore Thee
Acappella, When They Ring Those Golden Bells
Chad Farran, It's A Shame
Cheryl Ann Fulton, Dimpled Cheek/Dafydd's Delight/Hunting the Hare
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, On Zion's Glorious Summit
Chris Rolin, Nk'Mip
Cozmikbeats, Midnight Blue

This will complete the 250th episode, we'll have more tunes in two weeks. Stay safe!