September 5th, 2020

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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 137: Jami Sieber

Here's the playlist for Jami Sieber, the artist we featured today.

Welcome to Podcast 137 of the independent artist spotlight. This week a double doce of Jami Sieber by herself and with Sieber, Kammen and Fulton on a video game project. This means we have to play Cheryl Ann Fulton and Shira Kammen as well. I hope you'll enjoy the program as much as I am bringing it together for you.

Set 1:
Cheryl Ann Fulton, The Flowers of Festiniog
Chris Rolin, Ally's Waltz
Claire Fitch, Lament

Set 2:
Shira Kammen, Rafe's Waltz
Skarazula, La quarte estampie royale
J Nilsson Project, Similan Island
Jami Sieber, Homage
Jami Sieber, In the Silence

Set 3:
Sasha Merkulov, Child Alone
Seconds Before, Failed States
Jami Sieber, Surrender
Jami Sieber, Secret Heat

Set 4:
C Layne, Thinking of you
Jami Sieber, A Love Song for Humanity
Jami Sieber, River of Rain
Falling You, Bloom
Fernwood, Mistral
Francois Couture, Pink Lady (feat Martin Verret)
Jami Sieber, Tree Of Love
Jami Sieber, Long Past Gone
Jarkko Hietanen, Spiral Rails
Jeffrey Luck Lucas, We Were On Fire
Jami Sieber, 6 OClock News
Jami Sieber, Unspoken

Set 5:
This set is the album from the Video Game, Brade. Its an 8 track album and its a featured album. Links are at the top of the notations to go read about the work. We hope you enjoy the album!
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Maenam (Jami Sieber)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Downstream (Shira Kammen)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Lullaby Set (Kammen & Swan)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Romanesca (Cheryl Ann Fulton)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Long Past Gone (Jami Sieber)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, The Darkening Ground (Jami Sieber)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Undercurrent (Jami Sieber)
Sieber, Kammen and Fulton, Tell It By Heart (Jami Sieber)

Set 6:
General Fuzz, The Arrival
Greater Alexander, Feel of Summer (instrumental)
Icicle, 1962
Laura Dreyer, Fim de Verao
MAKO, All That I Get
Passamezzo, Now Winter Nights Enlarge (Thomas Campion)
Terracotta Blue, Try Again
The Headroom Project, elephant ride
The Proper Authorities, Whodunit
The Union Trade, This is what Happens
Thursday Next, Small Saints
Torn Down Units, Bottles and Pills

Set 7:
This is our final track for today's program. Fittingly, without even knowing it, I think it might just fit as the song title goes.
Beth Quist, Goodbye

End of program