September 13th, 2020

My tweets

  • Sat, 13:06: tech blog This week in the security landscape: news ending September 12, 2020: Welcome to the news and things i’ve been reading in the landscape within the past week. I may not have read everything I’m jhighlighting, especially with Trend… check it out!
  • Sat, 14:06: tech blog Samsung seems to be the top dog in phones: In an opinion piece, written on android Central, there is a good case on why Samsung is the best phone maker out there. In the article Why Samsung only cares about ‘Android’ and ‘Google’… check it out!
  • Sat, 22:01: The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 138: Beth Quist: I hope you all enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together to you. We have today, the woman who started it off with Magnatune being the top seller for the first 3 years of…