October 4th, 2020

My tweets

  • Sat, 15:23: The Source presents October is National Arts & Humanities Month and here’s a Metro Art look ahead: It’s National Arts and Humanities Month and an opportune time to consider how artwork enriches the transit environment for our customers, even from a… https://t.co/AguX05Lzag https://t.co/mfh3teDiMb
  • Sat, 16:08: @sggrc if you can get this article to load, this might be of interest to pass to Twit unless you guys want to cover it for SN. https://t.co/CWGpoZuYLY
  • Sat, 17:33: tech blog ALL 250 UHS facilities were hit: An article posted on Security week indicates that UHS’s 250 facility places were hit with what they aren’t calling ransomware. According to the latest posted yesterday, the particular incident is… https://t.co/lL6Ld7tzjc check it out!
  • Sun, 11:36: tech blog NCSAM: Schools are no longer safe, now PII on students are out on the surface and dark Web: I was looking at twitter and found an article talking about Las Vegas schools now being targeted with ransomware. The problem with this… https://t.co/lKfYn7pqRm check it out!
  • Sun, 11:41: The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 141: Clair Fitch: Claire Fitch is today's featured artist and I hope you enjoy this one. One of my favorites, three albums, and lots of history within the profile, we'll break it all down for you. Its going to… https://t.co/h5d61L9CpH https://t.co/19Z2YbGWJ3