October 5th, 2020

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  • Sun, 15:23: The Independent artist show, broadcast 263: Recollection of things, new tunes, and more: We link to some new material in which we've gotten as of late. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together for you. --- Broadcast 263 talks… https://t.co/3rp9NyCUoY https://t.co/MZGLsucj3o
  • Sun, 18:08: tech blog What has been read, blogged, and talked about for the last week, security news ending October 4, 2020: In this week’s news, some of which may have been blogged about on the tech blog itself, find out what I’ve been reading… https://t.co/QbnyfLuMES check it out!
  • Sun, 20:02: tech blog Here is some Google news for you guys … Accessibility news with Docs and more: I finally got around to reading a post on Blind Bargains talking about a Google announcement. Reading the lengthy list of articles around the web came… https://t.co/j5ySFgnNhN check it out!
  • Mon, 03:30: Trend Micro Search: French companies Under Attack from Clever BEC Scam: A new BEC campaign that uses some clever social engineering techniques was launched against a number of French companies across different industries. https://t.co/en96r5ICV2 Check it out!
  • Mon, 07:20: Last Pass presents Keeping Data and Devices Safe During Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Cybersecurity Awareness Month is recognized around the world and here are a few tips for IT leaders to achieve adoption of security easily and smoothly.… https://t.co/JoqIfji7Sx check it out https://t.co/qeTJozHz9P
  • Mon, 08:31: Cyber scoop US arrests suspected hackers accused of video game piracy: The alleged leaders of an international video game piracy group apparently didn’t do enough to protect their scheme from the prying eyes of the feds. The Department of… https://t.co/42zX71e6Rl Check it out! https://t.co/6QYeShwqdQ
  • Mon, 11:41: Trend Micro Search: Top Tips For Home Cybersecurity And Privacy In A Coronavirus-Impacted World (Part 2): The past few months have seen radical changes to our work and home life under the Coronavirus threat, upending norms and confining… https://t.co/QiG00Co1I2 Check it out!

The Security box, podcast 13 is coming

Episode 13 of the SECURITY BOX will have a little bit of a change. The intro has been updated as I had a thought last night and put it in to action. You be the judge on who got mad, and what happened.

Seriously, we talk about identity theft in regards to the Corona Virus and what actors are up to now. A link to the originial article will be provided in the show notes.

Next, Preston of the Saturday Night show here on the mix is on to talk about all kinds of things including what he does to try to keep himself safe.

If time allows, news, notes, questions, comments and the like.

We move back to 1 PM CT, 11 am PT, and go for at least three hours.

I also have been pondering rebuying sendspace pro for direct downloading of the show with no adds, no web pages to go to, and the like. Pro can keep the files up as long as we like.

I hope to see you this Wednesday, and thanks for having an interest in the show!

Broadcast 141 of the OIndependent artist spotlight

Clair Fitch is broadcast 141 of the spotlight

We play multiple albums from Clair in this program as she is the featured artist for the Independent spotlight.

go to the mix where you can learn more about the station, find links to subscribe to the podcast, or find something else to listen to.

Claire Fitch is today's featured artist and I hope you enjoy this one. One of my favorites, three albums, and lots of history within the profile, we'll break it all down for you. Its going to be exciting!

Set 1:
Greg Williams, Action Theme No.2
Glen Bledsoe, The King in Yellow Cowboy Boots
Nathan Mathes, On the Well

Set 2:
Claire Fitch, Ambit
Claire Fitch, Lament
Claire Fitch, Circle the Course
Oliostere, Clavicule
Ostraka, Ancor Che Col Partire, Modo Facile from Passaggi per potersi essercitare (Richardo Rognoni)

Set 3:
Scott Lawlor, Too many of us lack intimacy with the natural world and with our souls, and consequently we are doing untold damage to both
Claire Fitch, Cellosphere
Claire Fitch, Mist
Claire Fitch, Oceanic Memories
Claire Fitch, Calm pad
Claire Fitch, Underwater
Claire Fitch, Still reaction

Set 4:
Boris Moskvitin, Raga Desh
Bindi Society, Narayana
hands upon black earth, Phaser
Healing Muses, a) Full Rigged Ship (Trad Shetland Islands) b) Bobby Casey's hornpipe (Trad Irish)
Panacea, Sandansko Horo
Quantum Milkshake, Running Around A Turtle
Hollywood Drunks, You're Right
Hans Christian, Musical Prayer
Graham Lynch, Late Jazz
Etherfysh, Sidewalk
Rob Cosh, Canopy Level
Hector Mukomol, Immersion
Cleveland Wehle, Do Androids Dream?
Emily Kurn, We Built a Mountain
Bernadette Yao, Loving Grace
Edward Simon, Stephen Keogh & Philip Donkin, Monk's Dream
Kerani, Echo of Our Souls

This will complete the program. Hope you all enjoy.

The Independent artist show, broadcast 263: New Material time

Podcast 263 was an awesome show with new material of all kinds. I hope you enjoy the show.

go to the mix where you can learn more about the station, find links to subscribe to the podcast, or find something else to listen to.

Broadcast 263 talks about the crazy year we've had, the impending announcement and video that might be coming on a future show of DJ Armando, and recollection on this crazy year. The first track comes from The Ambient Visitor another project name of Bing Satellites. We also have some new material from Magnatune and a new artist which we'll link to when we get there. I hope you enjoy the show.

Set 1:
The Ambient Visitor, Wax and Wane

Set 2:
We're featuring three out of the 4 this set, in regards to new Magnatune. I highlighted Crowander and will link it here.
Opened Paradise, Tides (instrumental)
Passamezzo, As On The Night (Orlando Gibbons)
Pavlova Wind Quintet, Reverie (Andre Caplet, arr. Christopher Britton)
Phil Rey, Soldiers Against Machines
Cary Kanno, This is a Wonderland
Cary Kanno, Sunshine Love
Cary Kanno, Paradise
Mokhov, Sanguine Verve
Mokhov, Auspicious Path
Mokhov, Twilight Musings
Vito Paternoster, Sonata no 1 in B-flat major, RV 47 - Largo 1 (Antonio Vivaldi)
Vito Paternoster, Sonata no 2 in F major, RV 41 - Allegro 1 (Antonio Vivaldi)
Vito Paternoster, Sonata no 4 in B-flat major, RV 45 - Allegro 2 (Antonio Vivaldi)
Vito Paternoster, Sonata no 6 in B major, RV 46 - Largo 2 (Antonio Vivaldi)
Vito Paternoster, Sonata no 8 in E-flat major, RV 39 - Andante (Antonio Vivaldi)

Set 3:
Crowander, Whoosh
Crowander, Afronauts
Crowander, Staccatos

Set 4:
future_former, Orange Sphere

End of program