October 10th, 2020

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A true story I do not wish on anyone ... it even touched me

We can all complain about being cooped up at home, nothing to do, nobody to see, places closed, no activities of any kind unless you go to the store, pharmacy, and other places and back, but we all need to wake up.

Last month, a buddy of mine came down sick. I was texted about what the illness was, and I couldn't believe it. Afterword, this buddy recently did a show on the mix Internet Radio which I help run. What he disclosed is a true story and I think its time to bring this out to the public.

I always knew that Covid-19 wasn't something to mess with. Reading various articles about it and what people went through isn't the same as bringing it out with someone you know that actually had it.

DJ Mondo as he's known on the mix was that person and the show aired yesterday. Not only did he tell his story on this program, we hear about a family who also had covid-19, some symptom based, the others maybe not so much.

Here are the files. I've put them on Sendspace for people to download at will. Eventually, the files will be removed, but for now, you've got plenty of time to download them. I suggest you download them, listen to them, and learn. This is no joke, and I didn't ever want to write this type of a post.

This is being cross posted to my blog as well as the Mix blog with Armando's permission. True stories hurt, and this was something I do not want to wish on anyone. Its aweful, but yet may wake up some of the people that think this isn't a big deal. It truly is. Just listen to what is going on in sports, and you'll have an idea whats happening. Media can portray it as something to deal with, but this ... is a true story ... that is in their own words. The media is trying to do their job but this ... has no words. I was part of the panel on this show which can be listened to from 86 minutes in for the segment, and you may just be left speechless. Listen to it ... learn from it ... and let's try to stay safe as possible.