October 12th, 2020

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  • Sun, 18:09: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog What has been read, blogged, and talked about for the last week, security news ending October 4, 2020: In this we…
  • Sun, 18:42: The Independent artist show, broadcast 264: lots of tunes, the JRN update: Yesterday on the show, I decided to make an announcement that I'd talk about a topic. As I announce at the beginning of the program, I decided against that, because it just… https://t.co/NwrF2QnOAi https://t.co/wQgCLmbkvA
  • Sun, 20:03: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Here is some Google news for you guys … Accessibility news with Docs and more: I finally got around to reading a…
  • Mon, 07:20: Cyber scoop Cyber Command, Microsoft take action against TrickBot botnet before Election Day: TrickBot’s margin for success just got a lot smaller. The Pentagon’s offensive hacking arm, Cyber Command, has carried out an operation to hinder… https://t.co/HT6YXoAUF5 Check it out! https://t.co/qTruBefwz3
  • Mon, 08:32: Cyber scoop How middlemen are giving ransomware gangs more attack options: The last six months have seen damaging ransomware attacks on two multibillion-dollar IT firms, Conduent and Cognizant, with clients all over the world. The incidents… https://t.co/Vhyu6Splho Check it out! https://t.co/Z6AerC5hGL
  • Mon, 11:42: Krebs on security Microsoft Uses Trademark Law to Disrupt Trickbot Botnet: Microsoft Corp. has executed a coordinated legal sneak attack in a bid to disrupt the malware-as-a-service botnet Trickbot, a global menace that has infected millions of computers… https://t.co/6ZoQjsgfgj https://t.co/sOP0ePF5NG

The Independent artist show, broadcast 264

The Independent artist show did not have our topic, I had changed my mind. Its for the better, but i hope you enjoy the show as much as I have bringing it together for you.

To make it easier, thanks to sendspace you'll get direct download links for those who don't want RSS. Our podcast directory on the mix has links to podcasts for this and any other show you may want. I'm providing the link for my listeners as a convenience.

Download the 153.95mb file and enjoy!

Below, please find the show notes, and thanks so much for listening!

Yesterday on the show, I decided to make an announcement that I'd talk about a topic. As I announce at the beginning of the program, I decided against that, because it just doesn't feel like the right time. Instead, I'll do some network updates with what has been going on across the network. We'll play some tunes, and see where it goes.

Set 1:
The Lovely Moon, Twilight's Glow
Scott Lawlor, Meadows Of Summer

Set 2:
Greg Annussek, You Bow Down
Harlan Williams, Beneath the Iron Heel of Pagan Rome
Heavy Mellow, Worm In The Woodwork
Bing Satellites, West
Crows Labyrinth, Slow Embrace
Earlyguard, Verloren
Hellena, Heartshaped Box
Jacob Collier, Isn't She Lovely
Robert Rich, A Skein for Skin
Modinski, In this Room
Machines in Transit, the diplomat
Maneli Jamal, Cold Arrival

Set 3:
Allister Thompson, A Northern Song
Brian Crain, Butterfly Waltz
Jim Wilson, Discovery
Matthew Schoening, Kites Over the Playa
The Color Bars, Shoebox Diorama
Tim Neumark, Russian Dance
Velma Frye, O Living Breath of God
allMeadow and Rob Costlow, Tugboat Road
Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand, Ad Lunam

This completes today's program. Thanks for listening!

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 142: we're going around the world!

Hello everyone. Welcome to another edtion of the spotlight. Besides the RSS feeds available on the mix podcast directory for my show and even others, I'm now providing a link directly for download thanks to Sendspace. This may allow those who can't use RSS to easily download the file much easier.

download the 208.04mb file of broadcast 142.

Now, without any further ado, here are the show notes for this program and playlist.

Welcome to podcast 142 which has a wide variety of tunes as an open forum.

Set 1:
CrimsonFaced, Terrified - The Vegetarian Mix
Daniel Knowler, The Threshold
Daria, Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Dead Leaf Echo, Babyeyes
Diana Rowan, Yishru Shalom

Set 2:
The Alien Mike ET, Serial Killer
Nuform, Morning Breeze
Nick Kingsley, Meteor
Hollywood Drunks, You're RightMonkeyTrial, Periastron
Modinski, Flak You

Set 3:
Maurice and the Beejays, Together at Last
Rob Costlow, Down the Road
Phil Rey, Sky Invader
Adam Fielding, What Have You Done
Dead Leaf Echo, Trial
Minstrel Spirit, At the castle gate
Moh Alileche, Sunset in Tamanrasset
Rana, Unforgiven
Tears of Sirens, Spectres and Sine Waves

Set 4:
Scott Lawlor, The moment is at hand
Scott Lawlor, Standing by the nile
Scott Lawlor, Sunn coming through leaves
Ran Kirlian, Beyond the Void

Set 5:
Ran Kirlian, Quarantine Session 1
Scott Lawlor, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdomEnd of program

End of program