January 5th, 2021

The Independent artist spotlight, let's catch up

Hello Folks,

On this post to the blog, I want to give you all of the independent artist spotlights we have available for you to download which includes the last available one from this past week.

Starting next week, I hope to try and get playlists out on a regular basis, and I'll send the playlist of this last weeks show out with this message.

Podcast 153 is the latest which was released and broadcasted on January 2, 2021. Here is the playlist and any links that may be for that show.

After taking a week off, and the last program being on December 24th 2020, we're back to continue the graces of bringing you lots of tunes and spotlights for both series. This time, Jeff Wahl. He is described on Magnatune as: "Acoustic new age and jazz guitar." We'll talk about the profile and more. Enjoy!

We start today's program with two versions of a very beautiful track I've heard time and time again on the new age channel on Pandora. Compare the difference maybe? You decide. Both are good. I'll talk about my thoughts on the song, and of course we'll feature our main featured artist and more as I discussed getting a bunch of tunes form lots of artists of late.

The program will have a mixture of new material that's gotten since our break, and we play some from each talked about.

Set 1:
Yiruma, When The Love Falls
Yiruma, When The Love Falls (String ver.)
Katie Gurba, Late Night Drive
Emily Burridge, Dawn

Set 2:
Yiruma, Tears On Love
Yiruma, River Flows In You
Greg Williams, Action Theme No.1
Healing Muses, a) Full Rigged Ship (Trad Shetland Islands) b) Bobby Casey's hornpipe (Trad Irish)

Set 3:
We start with our featured artist Jeff Wahl.
Jeff Wahl, Mockingbird
Jeff Wahl, Spanish ballad
Jeff Wahl, Run
Jeff Wahl, Butterfly
Laura Dreyer, Moreno dos Olhos Castanhos
Lisa Lynne, Soliloquy
Lydia McCauley, Porcero Danza (Dance of the Pigs)

Set 4:
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mozart and Memories
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Toccata - Carpimus Noctem
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Epiphany
Allister Thompson, Panic in the World
Allister Thompson, A Northern Song
Allister Thompson, The Drowned Girl
Allister Thompson, Untouchable, Part I
Hopkirk, He Can Handle This
Hopkirk, Do Good And Show Kindness

Set 5:
I think I ended up slipping in another compare the difference. You'll have to listen to find out where within the following playlist set. Your toughts matter.
Pentatonix, Good To Be Bad
Jeff Wahl, Learning Patience
Jeff Wahl, Saturday Morning
Jeff Wahl, Surrender
Jeff Wahl, Brahm's Lullaby, Op. 49 no. 4 (Johannes Brahms)
Jeff Wahl, Pachelbel's Canon (Canon in D major, P. 37) (Johann Pachelbel)
Jeff Wahl, Sunday (Jeff Wahl)
Jeff Wahl, Adelita (Francisco Tarrega)
Jeff Wahl, Change
Jeff Wahl, Brontosaurus
Jeff Wahl, Four Day Weekend

Set 6:
Bert Hulshoff, trying something new

End of program

I hope to get back to getting these out on a more regular basis, and thanks for listening!

The Independent artist show, lets catch up

We've not done much with posting the Independent artist how playlists as of late, so let's catch up what is available for download and release the latest program, broadcast 275 and its playlist.

I hope starting next week, I can get back to releasing these more regularly.

Here is the playlist for broadcast 275 which was released on January 3, 2021.

On this edition of the program, I learn we're on broadcast 275. After that, we get started with tunes which include some new material from the vast collection of new material from Bandcamp. Some of it is long form, and while the sets may be minimal, some of the tracks are considered lengthy by some standards. Anyhow, with that aside, I hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks so much for listening!

Set 1:
hands upon black earth, Eating Crow
House of Waters, Sound of Impermanence
Intersonic Subformation, Constalation of the Spear Warrior
Hotel Neon, The Hope of Becoming
Hotel Neon, Untold Stories
iceman bob, abstracted
iceman bob, midnight bay

Set 2:
Bert Hulshoff, 01 - Slow Travel
Bert Hulshoff, 04 - Between The Line.
Bert Hulshoff, 07 - Era Of Mind And Faith.
Binaural Space, Old Me Knew Me
Another Neglected Hobby, Soak
Another Neglected Hobby, Slab
Glenn Sogge, The Once and Future Dystopian, Part 3 (The Abandoned Gamelan)
Glenn Sogge, The Once and Future Dystopian, Part 8

Set 3:
Cousin Silas & Glenn Sogge, Three Caves, Antechamber

End of program

Thanks for listening!

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