February 10th, 2021

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  • Tue, 13:23: The Phish Labs blog Emotet Dismantled, Trickbot, ZLoader, and BazarLoader Step In: Recently, we published a piece highlighting early stage loaders often used in ransomware attacks. One of the most prolific was Emotet, which has since been taken down via… https://t.co/wwAK5Osj83 https://t.co/TB2gnvmYui
  • Tue, 14:23: tech blog Sans news bites for february 9, 2021: I was perusing the news bites for today and it is well good. This link should take you there to read it and pick something that interests you. You might be effected with something, so instead… https://t.co/DVcG7px1Kh check it out!
  • Tue, 15:24: Cyber scoop New hacking tool targeting Bangladesh Android users blurs lines between spying and stealing: In one of his regular sweeps for new malicious software targeting Android phones, security researcher Vitor Ventura came across what… https://t.co/ojQSA3V9vm Check it out!
  • Tue, 18:03: tech blog Here are a couple of items from this week’s latest Sans News bites: As part of this week’s Sans News Bites, I’ve read two of the recent articles that caught my attention both from Cyberscoop. The first article that caught my… https://t.co/hqxBncbXCq check it out!
  • Tue, 18:41: The Source presents Traffic Reduction Study hosts virtual meetings to learn more about early concepts: L.A. traffic is a big problem. While the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced traffic congestion for the moment, traffic is likely to return as the pandemic… https://t.co/IpoqVKI5DJ https://t.co/lRikJB98Us
  • Tue, 19:49: Cyber scoop Estonia's diplomacy training aims to shape state behavior in cyberspace: Diplomats from around the world are convening this week to share ideas about what type of behavior should be allowed in cyberspace, and debate what happens… https://t.co/Jwez1THEPl Check it out! https://t.co/QSgJVeAsHG
  • Tue, 22:00: Cyber scoop 42% of Gmail scams targeted American users, Google finds: Who you are, where you are and how you experience online life are all major factors in whether you’re targeted for phishing and malware campaigns on Gmail, a joint… https://t.co/1nXLKI0L5V Check it out! https://t.co/VhXVjUk2PD
  • Wed, 03:30: Krebs on security Microsoft Patch Tuesday, February 2021 Edition: Microsoft today rolled out updates to plug at least 56 security holes in its Windows operating systems and other software. One of the bugs is already being actively exploited, and six of… https://t.co/m0bVteXSxl https://t.co/4IeueYBSIU
  • Wed, 07:21: Trend Micro Search: February Patch Tuesday Fixes 11 Critical Bugs: Microsoft fixed 56 vulnerabilities - 11 of them rated Critical - in the February Patch Tuesday cycle. https://t.co/55Pn1tFOca Check it out! https://t.co/1PtnRcEWpK
  • Wed, 08:31: Cyber scoop SIM-swapping gang busted for targeting 'influencers, sports stars, musicians': International police say 10 suspects have been arrested for fraudulently accessing the phones of celebrities to steal about $100 million… https://t.co/ooeHTuN264 Check it out! https://t.co/4ivvbGNbeF
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