February 12th, 2021

Broadcast 280 brings new material

The Independent artist show had bunches of music on it. It is also on the RSS feeds that it needs to be on.

Don't want to deal with RSS? Here is broadcast 280 157.33mb for you all to enjoy. Hope you enjoy the music.

On program 280 of the independent artist show, new material and lots of tunes to boot.

Set 1:
Phil Rey Hellzauber 03:38
Nova Express No Saints 02:44
Olexa Kabanov Appeal 04:02
Phil Rey Hellzauber Bis 02:54
Ostracon Dwarf Plutocracy 10:04
Phil Rey Stormbirds 01:31

Set 2:
Bert Hulshoff 01 - Return to Tau Ceti 28:28
Crows Labyrinth & Wolfgang Merx Ornaments I 05:03
Scott Lawlor a Blanket of White in the Night, Part 1 48:00
Scott Lawlor blind ghosts on a roller coaster plummeting into the outer darkness 11:47
Signora Ward Records Chemical Resistance - Requiem 06:58
Wings Of An Angel Skarbickny 13:20
Wings Of An Angel Talking To Abusive Personality Bosses Is Like Having An Unwanted Pregnancy In Your Teens 04:57

Set 3:
Ehren Starks Run 03:29

end of program.

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 158: Fernwood

Hello folks, its been several days, but I haven't forgotten. I've just been busy with the other big show known as the Security Box. The RSS feeds for broadcast 158 of the spotlight featuring Fernwood were updated with the program. I'm just a little late with the playlist and download link for those who need it.

Don't have RSS or don't want to deal with it? No problem! Here is the 230.26mb file for you to have. Hope you guys find it of value.

This time, broadcast 158 brings you Fernwood. It is described on Magnatune as: "Music played by hand on instruments made of wood" I hope you enjoy the program, thanks for listening!

Set 1:
Exhalation Afterward 03:21
Felixdroid The Longing - Part 4 04:37
Francois Couture Sidewalk (Featuring Evelin Auger and Denis Pouliot) 03:25

Set 2:
Gokul Salvadi Abhogi Kaanada - the Expedition 07:01
Greg Williams Twelve 04:34
Idlemine Demo Jamm 02:23
Numa Black Turning Blue 03:53

Set 3:
Fiddle Whamdiddle Spotted Pony 02:28
Aitua Energy 07:20
Falik Gnomechucks 05:03
Ammonite Calm 05:01
Fernwood Sandpiper 05:20
Fernwood Makena 03:29
Fernwood Nightingale 04:15
General Fuzz Flow Tater 06:36

Set 4:
Fernwood The Pan Chaser 04:45
Evgeny Bardyuzha Beauty in Recursion 03:01
Falling You Milk And Honey 06:59
Fernwood Winter Way 02:45
Fresh Body Shop Can't Get Enough 02:36
Giovanni Ceccarelli Daydreamin' 05:43
Fernwood Crossing the Divide 03:37
Gopal Where Sky and Ocean Meet 03:40

Set 5:
Fernwood Kalyan 03:50
Firehead Jerry Lost Love 02:32
Francois Couture Prelude 05 03:55
Panic Ensemble Every Night 02:41
Paul Avgerinos Flying And Floating 08:21
Fernwood August 04:34
Quire Cleveland The Dying Christian's Last Farewell 03:19
Rejuvenescence Shining Place 17:02
Riot Kings Killing Time 04:36
Fernwood Rings Waltz 03:41

Set 6:
A wide variety of different tunes to end this program.
CFCF Inorganic Streams 02:00
Pentatonix When You Wish Upon A Star 02:59
Steve Roach Structures from Silence 28:18
Yiruma When The Love Falls 02:56
Take 6 Sweet Little Jesus Boy 03:24
Point of Grace Little Town 03:49
Jewel Hands (Christmas Version) 04:06
Cleveland Wehle Hannah's Pond 10:17

end of program.

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