April 28th, 2021

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  • Tue, 15:23: The Source presents Celebrate Monrovia through the eyes of artist Rob Sato: Metro commissioned artist Rob Sato’s colorful vignettes depict flora, fauna and community in Monrovia in the latest Through the Eyes of Artists poster. The bright box with… https://t.co/Lh581nXrNE https://t.co/suFKtYiWiM
  • Tue, 18:41: Trend Micro Search: Hello Ransomware Uses Updated China Chopper Web Shell, SharePoint Vulnerability: We discuss the technical features of a Hello ransomware attack, including its exploitation of CVE-2019-0604 and the use of a modified… https://t.co/lTyeKy9phj Check it out! https://t.co/7XHHd0BYes
  • Tue, 19:50: Cyber scoop Ransomware demands up by 43% so far in 2021, Coveware says: Ransomware hacking groups are getting greedier. The average demand for a digital extortion payment shot up in the first quarter of this year to $220,298, up 43% from… https://t.co/7Ow7cgAnsV Check it out! https://t.co/syy2jTFOfk
  • Tue, 22:00: Cyber scoop Do credit monitoring and ID protection services do much for breach victims?: It has become a staple for companies that are hit by big data breaches: extending free crediting monitoring and identity protection services to… https://t.co/jGTVRvBEW6 Check it out! https://t.co/5rIMtbpqJ2
  • Wed, 03:30: Cyber scoop European police hope Google ads will steer teenagers away from a life of hacking: European authorities are stepping up their efforts to intervene with teen hackers before they might break the law.  In a series of programs… https://t.co/haVjvRoUrV Check it out! https://t.co/GTri8S3AwQ
  • Wed, 07:20: Trend Micro Search: This Week in Security News - April 23, 2021: XCSSET Quickly Adapts to Macs and Babuk Ransomware Gang Claims Decryptor Repaired https://t.co/FU48cglR4I Check it out! https://t.co/LgDEV92Z1a
  • Wed, 08:32: The Source presents Metro Chief of Staff Nadine Lee hired as next President and CEO of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART): Dallas Area Rapid Transit, known as DART, on Tuesday announced the hiring of LA Metro Chief of Staff Nadine Lee as their agency’s… https://t.co/dEqP9ptHGl https://t.co/dit6fm38hG
  • Wed, 11:41: Cyber scoop 'Ghostwriter' disinformation campaign rages on as Biden prepares for NATO trip: For over a year, Stanislaw Zaryn, a Polish government official, has not been shy about exposing what he says are suspected Russian attempts to… https://t.co/o5UYvlc655 Check it out! https://t.co/rJnHPHLbAy