May 17th, 2021

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  • Sun, 18:42: The Independent artist show, broadcast 291 for May 16, 2021: Lots of new material for each and every one of you. We've got stuff from Magnatune and Bandcamp alike. No specific profiling, but we'll be talking about some of the music. Have comments?…
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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 171: Aural Films

Hello folks, hope you'll enjoy the archive today.

I know I've not posted playlists in awhile, and I'm going to start trying to do it again.

Here is the download of broadcast 171 (214.57mb) for your enjoyment.

Thanks for listening!

Hello folks, Aural Films is our featured label for today and they're described as "Soundtracks for movies that do not exist." Let's see what you think as we take you through some of the label and some of the artists.

We Start with Scott Lawlor and Ran Kirlian as they team up, and we'll see what else we can get in to.

Set 1:
Ran Kirlian & Scott Lawlor In Search of Serenity 03:55
Ran Kirlian & Scott Lawlor Wish Of Infinity 08:55

Set 2:
Maurice and the Beejays Turning left 03:55
Phil Rey Hellzauber 03:38
Jack Hertz Earth 30:20
Bert Hulshoff Spontaneous generation on Mars 09:54
Christian Fiesel Return from Mars 07:49
Jack Hertz Solar Wind Took My Breath Away 08:28
Peter Davidson and Casparis van Mierlo Ingenuity-WeltWagen 07:03
The Gaye Device Vastitas Borealis 08:17
Thomas Park The Sun Still Shines On Mars 05:41

Set 3:
Christian Fiesel Dead Man Rising 21:30
Christian Fiesel Disconnected From The World 17:44

Set 4:
Scott Lawlor Primordial Energy Field 16:11
Scott Lawlor From the First Breath of a Star 14:10
Scott Lawlor Virtual Particles 16:28

End of program

The Independent artist show, broadcast 291

On program 291, lots of more material that is new, and yes, I'm going to try and get these playlists out.

This 156.07mb file is the downloadable version for you all to enjoy.

I know I've been lax on the playlists, and I bet people want to see them again.

If you want particular playlist of a show, please let me know by contacting me through the ways the show gives you, and I'll supply the playolist. Let me know the date, or the show number of any of the shows, and I'll do my best.

Lots of new material for each and every one of you. We've got stuff from Magnatune and Bandcamp alike. No specific profiling, but we'll be talking about some of the music. Have comments? 623-263-8934 for telephone comments, or use the email, imessage, text message and whats app options given throughout the program.

Set 1:
My Equinox Divine Infected 04:29
My Equinox Divine Shiver 03:31
theDGTL Fr 03:42
theDGTL Bounce 02:14
4oresight Running Out of Space 03:34
4oresight A Sound Mind 03:19
Crowander Smoke 03:19
Crowander Medita 03:34
Jake Bradford-Sharp Sky Market-Jake Bradford 04:30
Jake Bradford-Sharp Come On-Jake Bradford 01:44
Dubmaster Conte Il buon beat 02:32
Dubmaster Conte Un altro beat 04:05
David Modica Jenny 06:06
David Modica Seagull 04:13

Set 2:
DiElle She Is The Moon 03:27
DiElle No One Is Wise 05:09
DiElle Fearless 04:02
Falsa Man Kunto Maula (To Whom I Am) 10:32
Scott Lawlor A Winter Landscape 02:00
Scott Lawlor But all at once the rack was blown away 05:43

Set 3:
Falsa Behad Ramzan (Boundless Secrets) 08:25
V/A Scott Lawlor - live set 30:01
Christian Fiesel UnRuly Night 04:29
Christian Fiesel 6 Feet Under 09:13
Giles Jacobs & Wolfgang Merx I Have Fought! (featuring Antonio de Braga) 03:18
Giles Jacobs & Wolfgang Merx Target 05:19

Final track:
Ehren Starks Through the Walls 06:41

end of program