June 3rd, 2021

The Independent artist show, broadcast 293

Here is the download of broadcast 293. It is 169.5mb.

Due to Sendspace making changes that require us to use the website, the file has been delayed.

Here is the playlist of today's program.

Broadcast 293 has new, old, but lots of tracks today.

Set 1:
LYNX and Janover Ancient Technology 05:30
Mac of BIOnighT Men From The Moon (2009) 04:25
Mac of BIOnighT Computer Flight (2020) 05:31
Mac of BIOnighT A gradual process (2021) 15:44
V/A Latchkey — Reminder [NaviarHaiku 366] 03:44
V/A My Own Cubic Stone — Loire Neviarhaiku368 05:19
V/A ray_cobley — Burned (naviarhaiku370) 04:55
CFCF An Impossible Condo 02:01

Set 2:
In tribute to B.J. Thomas, we're playing one of his biggest hits with a compare the difference.
B J Thomas Hooked On A Feeling 02:35
Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling 02:52

Set 3:
4oresight Running Out of Space 03:34
OTiS Makin' Love Easy 05:01
Duo Chambure Cum Spiritu (Missa Beata Virgine) (Cristobal de Morales) 01:42
Kaissa Joy 04:48
Kat Webb Hey Someone 02:38
he11gir1 gone 26:09
Michael Brückner Vathec 04:26
Michael Brückner L'Etoile Inconnue. 04:17
Michael Brückner 100 Million Miles Under The Stars 14:13

Set 4:
We're playing a portion of the following track. Its not going to be played in full.
Modulator ESP Adventures in Sound in Space 1:14:00

End of program.

The Independent artist spotlight show, broadcast 173

Here is a link to the download of program 173. It is 213.4mb.

Due to Sendspace making changes because of abuse, I have to upload directly from the site.

Here is the playlist of this show.

Zoé Rose de Paz is on Bandcamp and performed as part of the Burnt Chicken room on Friday afternoon/evening. The band The Goodrich Family Band are our featured artist and group. This was absolutely great playing, perfect harmonies, and the single artist is just as good too. We also have some interesting facts from our doing this main program before I introduced the spotlight, and what we've got coming.

About the Goodrich Family Band

Eleanor Elektra, Max Ridley, Taylor Holland, and Zoe-Rose Depaz are each well-established performing artists in a diverse range of musical worlds. In the Goodrich Family Band, these four roommates and chosen family members unite backgrounds in jazz, folk-punk, americana, indie, and singer-songwriter to forge a tradition-steeped yet entirely contemporary new sound.

Set 1:
Goodrich Family Band Feat. Eleanor Elektra Torch 02:37
Goodrich Family Band Feat. Max Ridley Balance, Right? 02:50
Goodrich Family Band Feat. Taylor Holland Closer 04:59
Goodrich Family Band Feat. Zoë-Rose DePaz Lie Fallow 04:11

Set 2:
Tone Tone Bonbon Chicha (Turkey) 03:12
Tone Tone Xiāo Liliang (China) 02:25
Tone Tone Luv Torii (Japan) 03:19

Set 3:
Matt Borghi and Allister Thompson I Want to Live 03:34
Matt Borghi and Allister Thompson The Calvary Cross 04:31
Matt Borghi and Allister Thompson Hurt in Your Heart 04:16

Set 4:
Matt Borghi and Allister Thompson Wherever You Go 03:46
The artist we feature in this set after the previous track has seemed to have pulled all of the albums from his page. I'd link it, but there is no point. I put in a good word, but don't know what happened.
Samuel Roberts Where I Belong 04:00
Samuel Roberts Evergreen 05:51
Samuel Roberts, Jordan Lively Hold My Heart V2 Feat Jordan Lively 04:15

Set 5:
Wings Of An Angel Sex Is Much More Complicated Than Rocket Science 09:28
Zoé Rose de Paz Last Train Home 05:13
Zoé Rose de Paz Whatever You Want 04:40
Zoé Rose de Paz Won't Stay Down (Live) 07:21
ᴵˈᵐ ᵒᵏ(ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣ ͜ ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣ ˶ )♡ Forest 02:07
Seggito Arcade Spaceship 03:05
WAKE IN JUNE World // Games 02:20

Set 6:
Domased All Is Over (deep mix) 08:34
Drop Trio Mothership 07:03
Ron 01 Why Do you hate me now 03:24
Ron 09 To Many Pockets In My Pants 02:51
Ron 13 Bouncy Bruce. Bonis 01:47

Set 7:
Revo Luva Shadow Secret 03:26
Ron 13 Bouncy Bruce. Bonis 01:45
MHZ Red, White and Black 05:05
MHZ Saw a Woodpecker 02:54
MHZ You Can Never Be Too Unsure 05:47
MHZ For The Discriminating Listener 24:25

Set 8:
Acappella When You're There 04:28
Home Free Change The World 04:15
Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company Before the Throne of God Above 02:18
Peter Hollens Homeward Bound 03:48
Shir Soul Hanukkah - Africa 03:33

This completes the show. Hope you enjoyed the program as much as I have putting it together for you. Email/imessage/text any time! I want to hear from my listeners. I can't do it alone. Find me music and win a free month of hosting on the network.

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