June 7th, 2021

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  • Sun, 17:41: tech blog A new BARD express is out: In the better late than never department, although I’m not too far late. This should already be out already, go to BARD for the link. I have forgotten about this address for email lists, I’m not way too… https://t.co/YJjNtMq2fL check it out!
  • Sun, 21:42: tech blog A rerelease of podcast 41’s show notes for the security box: Hello folks, For some reason, I’ve decided to go through podcasts and finding slight errors in the show notes. This time, I found it in news notes where I didn’t put the… https://t.co/NoHQbcgwxH check it out!
  • Mon, 07:08: tech blog A rerelease of podcast 43 show notes: I meant to do this awhile ago, but I found an error where Sans News Bites included all of the rest of the news. I intended to have multiple covered, but put news in the wrong place. This is… https://t.co/6mVMoEi9PO check it out!
  • Mon, 07:21: Trend Micro Search: Looking Ahead: The Post-Pandemic Security Landscape: One year into the pandemic, our team at Trend Micro discussed the lasting impact that Covid-19 will have on people’s way of life and what a post-pandemic “new normal”… https://t.co/5kNu3dylS6 Check it out! https://t.co/semCQkmsim
  • Mon, 08:31: Krebs on security Adventures in Contacting the Russian FSB: KrebsOnSecurity recently had occasion to contact the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In the process of doing so,… https://t.co/OIMwfQg5ct https://t.co/7ay84qaLlT
  • Mon, 10:40: The Phish Labs blog 47% Phishing Increase in Q1: Phishing is on the rise. PhishLabs identified 47% more phishing sites in Q1 of 2021 than there were in Q1 of 2020.� This trend is continuing as Q2 attacks are also up significantly year-over-year. https://t.co/iopcafl4MQ https://t.co/clplgMbRrX
  • Mon, 11:21: tech blog The Zero Day Initiative wins top dog again: I’m not sure if we’ve covered this, but in case we didn’t, Trend Micro has an article about their accomplishment of winning the vulnerability disclosures again. The article is titled ZDI… https://t.co/A2oxBzIi1o check it out!
  • Mon, 11:42: Cyber scoop US Cyber Command, CISA warn of hackers exploiting critical VMware flaw: Hackers have been leveraging a critical flaw in the software that Silicon Valley vendor VMware uses to manage virtual machines in large data centers, U.S.… https://t.co/fm4PzOBXrR Check it out! https://t.co/2Kk8ibQDQh
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