June 30th, 2021

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  • Tue, 15:23: Trend Micro Search: Best Practices for Social Media Security: Social media is a double-edged sword, and as we celebrate #SocialMediaDay, let’s remember to use best security practices to keep us safe from malicious actors who abuse the… https://t.co/4OzwsgRTLC Check it out! https://t.co/vXIaOgw9oP
  • Tue, 15:56: tech blog A Supervisor gets time, let’s discuss: A U.S. court on Thursday sentenced Andrii Kolpakov, a Ukrainian national, to seven years in prison for his role in the FIN7 gang. Kolpakov, 33, functioned as a supervisor for a small team of… https://t.co/8Q89T9TVxU check it out!
  • Tue, 18:04: tech blog Misinformation is not just in English: According to an article which is backdated close to mid-june, although not quite mid-june, I read about misinformation problems on Facebook especially in Spanish. While I don’t speak Spanish… https://t.co/Fw6xBDmqsz check it out!
  • Tue, 18:41: Last Pass presents The Benefits of SSO With LastPass Business: SSO is a crucial tool for businesses looking to embrace the new norm of remote work while implementing a passwordless authentication process for employees. The post The Benefits… https://t.co/40Q8XRaCyx check it out https://t.co/k4JQqIRGJg
  • Tue, 19:49: Trend Micro Search: Still Leading In Endpoint And Cloud Workload Security: Cloud workload security and endpoint protection are key to managing security risk. Two new independent IDC reports help CISOs consider their strategic partner… https://t.co/8dQdx9R9RJ Check it out! https://t.co/vTdC5Ji6ER
  • Tue, 22:01: Trend Micro Search: #LetsTalkSecurity: Adapt or Die: Let's Talk Security: Season 02 // Episode 02: Host, Rik Ferguson, interviews Forrester Analyst, Allie Mellen. Together they discuss to adapt or die. https://t.co/jghRp6kj3V Check it out! https://t.co/SmIVRgaDFg
  • Wed, 03:30: The Source presents Metro to run on Sunday/holiday schedule on Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day: Metro will operate on Sunday/holiday schedule on July 5 in observance of Independence Day. This means buses that do not run on Sunday will… https://t.co/OMtxwSZmfx https://t.co/5PEyW0hM4j
  • Wed, 07:21: Cyber scoop White House weighs cracking down on secret ransomware payments, pursuing hackers: Going on offense against attackers and penetrating the secrecy surrounding attacks are two ways the Biden administration is pondering to tackle… https://t.co/SSFT0HwSLI Check it out! https://t.co/fkMCb3y9TK
  • Wed, 08:31: Cyber scoop US watchdog urges federal law enforcement to better track facial recognition amid accuracy concerns: More than a dozen U.S. federal agencies where law enforcement officers use facial recognition technology are unable to account… https://t.co/syeomqU8EG Check it out! https://t.co/Up91QUdlQe
  • Wed, 11:42: The Source presents Crenshaw/LAX neighborhood art contest gives high school students high-visibility opportunity and $500: The Crenshaw/LAX Neighborhood Student Art Contest has been extended to July 12, giving high school students a couple more weeks to… https://t.co/uABqzt5j1a https://t.co/Gr7rJOOyF5