July 2nd, 2021

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  • Thu, 15:24: The Source presents Celebrate Pacoima through the eyes of artist Levi Ponce: Artist Levi Ponce depicts his hometown of Pacoima, where flowers bloom around community, in the latest installment of Metro Art’s Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. The… https://t.co/UmgERaBk5R https://t.co/W2NkMeOJiJ
  • Thu, 17:14: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog The Security box, podcast 49: Its time to really! keep your credentials secure, especially office 365 credentials…
  • Thu, 18:42: Cyber scoop Chinese hackers suspected of using Dropbox to snoop on Afghan officials: Hackers with ties to China have been targeting the emails of Afghan security officials with malware meant to scoop up everything on their desktop,… https://t.co/a3s9aiXVWc Check it out! https://t.co/xA4vNg0MPp
  • Thu, 19:49: Trend Micro Search: PurpleFox Using WPAD to Target Indonesian Users: The PurpleFox Exploit Kit is now being distributed via WPAD attacks targeting Indonesian users. https://t.co/FLOWQzIM07 Check it out! https://t.co/V0gjNxhPrO
  • Thu, 22:00: Cyber scoop US, UK accuse Russian military hackers of battering-ram password attacks against hundreds of targets: For two years, Russian military hackers have been bombarding hundreds of targets worldwide with passwords to gain access to… https://t.co/MNtBTzSpp5 Check it out! https://t.co/ffM7yMMZgM
  • Fri, 03:31: Last Pass presents The Growing Threat of Water Supply Hacks : Here's a look behind the scenes of a water supply hack, why these kinds of attacks are increasing and how businesses can protect themselves from similar threats.  The post The… https://t.co/eStvMa9sOr check it out https://t.co/bgkHv2daIf
  • Fri, 07:21: The Source presents 4th of July commemorative TAP cards now available at Metro Customer Centers and select TVMs: Happy 4th of July! Celebrate Independence Day with Metro and purchase a 4th of July commemorative TAP card while supplies last. Cards are… https://t.co/aN9gGrHQdC https://t.co/6rM0EzUJQS
  • Fri, 08:31: Krebs on security Intuit to Share Payroll Data from 1.4M Small Businesses With Equifax: Financial services giant Intuit this week informed 1.4 million small businesses using its QuickBooks Online Payroll and Intuit Online Payroll products that their… https://t.co/AUzMUR5RFk https://t.co/XTUWYhE1z2
  • Fri, 11:16: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Last Week in Security News: Hello Folks, Last Weekend was a little rough on me, so I didn’t do a lot of reading t…
  • Fri, 11:42: Cyber scoop DHS hails cybersecurity hiring blitz that puts dent in thousands of vacancies: The Department of Homeland Security is touting its “most successful cybersecurity hiring initiative” ever after bringing on nearly 300 pros, with job… https://t.co/tGgSURgxu7 Check it out! https://t.co/fRN4PO3Tn5

The Independent artist show, broadcast 296 for Sunday, June 27, 2021

Here is the 158.8mb download for those who do not have RSS. I don't think I've done this yet, and if I have, sorry about that.

Here is the playlist for this show, and I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to podcast 296, the let's see what happens edition. Somehow my coffee spilled as we were getting ready for the first track, but that's not going to kill the show. We've got great music for the show, and it must go on. Let's see what kind of music we can drum up with today.

Set 1:
Tony Succar Eye Of The Hurricane 11:48
Sylvia Marcie 04:23
The Quebe Sisters How High the Moon 02:36
Various Artists Secret Heart 02:20
Grayson Wray There You Were 04:14
Heifervescent Rational Behaviour 04:02
Industrial Sound Bank Come Thru 04:30
Nova Express Motley 02:53
Rebel Rebel Summer of Sex 03:40
Rebel Rebel Summer of Sex (spanish version) 03:40

Set 2:
Diane Marie Kloba Eleven Days 03:53
Falsa Behad Ramzan (Boundless Secrets) 08:17
Goodrich Family Band Feat. Taylor Holland Closer 04:48
he11gir1 Refvse 2 be Anxther 03:26
iceman bob enceladus 08:13
Keith Hinton Future_Stuff 12:59
Leandro Kalén Chamana 03:11
Michael Meara Abyssopelagic 09:09
Moralix Space Gongs 11:47

Set 3:
Mike Benoit Disenchanted 9 ta 5 04:20
Matt Borghi and Allister Thompson Edge of Insight 03:07
Hullabaloo Human Being Strange 02:10
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis Derriere soi-Fabrice Ravel 02:25
Fiddle Whamdiddle Barlow Knife 02:15
Francois Couture Crossroads (Featuring Evelin Auger and Denis Pouliot) 04:10
Fuzzit Syriana 03:39

End of program

The Security box, podcast 50: 62% of free services are abused

Hello Folks,

Welcome to another edition of the Security Box. I know, I know, the RSS already got its copy, why haven't we gotten ours when we can't access RSS?

Part of it is that I've been a bit on the busy side which is good, but that is no excuse. The good news is that it is here, and I've got the link for you too.

Don't fret, this isn't the only thing I've neglected, trust me.

Here is the download link (113.9mb) for you to have.

Here are the links as part of our show notes.

Welcome to the security box, podcast 50. On the big 50th episode, we've got quite a bit of news notes to cover this week. Besides that, we're continuing with Phishlabs and their ongoing rundown of the Q1 Intelligence Report, this time, talking about free tools and their abuse. We hope that users find this of interest like I did. Of course, the lines of communication are always open whether on the show or podcast.


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