July 8th, 2021

Looks like Japan is now on lockdown

Just looking at headlines on my Iphone on the news wigit on IOS, looks like Japan is now on lockdown and there are no spectators allowed this year for the olympics that are to take place.

I am hoping that they do not have a long lockdown like we did, and I'm happy that ours is coming to an end.

I went for a walk this morning without a mask, and it felt pretty good not having to worry about it.

I know there will be times when I am still to ware a mask, but I definitely like the option now.

Let's continue to stay safe.

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 176: The Community Modular and Electronic Project

Here is the link to broadcast 176 of the independent artist show. It is 207.3mb and it is the spotlight show.

Here is the playlist for this show.

The Community Modular & Electronic label wants you to go after the artists you like. Minimum price is $.50 for the entire discogrophy. We play a variety of tunes from this label, and the tracks are short tracks to almost mid-length ambient tracks. Other types of stuff too. Let's see what you think of broadcast 176 as I introduced it as broadcast 197 initially. Its ok, if that's the only error I did, we're having a good day.

Set 1:
Earlyguard In Memoriam 01:54
Earlyguard Oblivion 02:51

Set 2:
SENSiTiZER Cosmic Flight 03:42
Spacecraft & Perry Frank Earthshine 03:57

Set 3:
CreaTbJ Robot Masters Rematch 02:54
Greenleo Laguna Seca 02:46
Lack of Sound Romance 02:11
Neptune Kid Peachy 01:46
NotEntirelyUnlikeChiptune Reading Rainbow 01:31

Set 4:
By Request, a set of Daniel Estrem from his two volume set, colors of Spain.
Daniel Estrem Introduccion y escena from El Amor Brujo (M de Falla) 00:30
Daniel Estrem Las campanas de amanecer from El Amor Brujo (M de Falla) 01:14
Daniel Estrem Valse noble from Valses Poeticos (E Granados) 01:36
Daniel Estrem Spanish Dance no. 2 (Oriental) 04:59
Daniel Estrem Mallorca (Barcarola), Op. 202 06:32
Daniel Estrem La Vida Breve (Spanish Dance no. 1) 03:40

Set 5:
The first track is a request of a mainstream track which we normally don't play, but we'll deviate from time to time. We also get int oan album that has a very interesting history as we play several from it as well.
03 Spanish Guitar 04:39
5280 A Cappella Love Yourself 03:43
Allister Thompson Wonderland 06:22
Allister Thompson Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) 05:19
Allister Thompson A Boy from Dunfermline (for Stuart) 03:24

Set 6:
Scott Lawlor Drifting Ice 27:14
Mike Benoit It's In The Attic 23:12
Scott Lawlor Trapped in a fog of irreversible decline 20:13

Set 7:
Bert Hulshoff 01 - Hot Summer Evening 12:22
Bert Hulshoff 03 - Spaceballet (Bonus) 20:10

Set 8:
Val Davis Court of Greedy Kings 05:07

--end of program--

The independent artist spotlight, broadcast 297

The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 297

Here is the download of broadcast 297 for you to enjoy. It is 159.8mb in soize.

Below, please find the playlist.

Welcome to the program. We start the program with songs that fit America per the tradition that we stand for. After that, we'll be playing a wide variety of tunes. Hope you can join me!

Set 1:
Christina Cotruvo America the Beautiful 02:16
Beegie Adair God Bless America 02:39
Craig 'n' Company Singers America the Beautiful 03:21
J Nilsson Project A Day With Kia 06:23
Jake Bradford-Sharp In Focus-Jake Bradford 03:35
Jeff Wahl Firefly 01:46

Set 2:
Diane Marie Kloba Embrace Me 03:22
Gaelynn Lea The Wind 06:38
Hellena Heartshaped Box 03:44
Kid Mania Missing Moments 02:52
Mac of BIOnighT Driving Force (2017) 11:53

Set 3:
1kub Ba(l)ade au Clair de Lune 04:35
Ambient Teknology Telekonology 06:48
Barbara Leoni Human needs 05:20
Dana Cunningham, Max Dyer & Jeff Oster Leap of Faith 05:26
Home Free God Bless The USA 03:12
Acapeldridge Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet 03:33
Acappella No One Ever 04:11
Ariel Rose Quiero Bailar 04:36
David Youngman We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise 04:26
Dana Cunningham Flying Over Water 03:33
Point of Grace The Giver and the Gift 03:43
Ships Have Sailed Rise 03:28
Gaelynn Lea Angels from the Realms of Glory / Joy to the World (feat. Al Church) 02:50
Matthew Schoening Earth 08:36
Nick Baker Bad Behavior Blues 03:33
Noteworthy Kinder (Live) 02:15
Peter Hollens Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [feat. Jackie Evancho] 03:08

Set 4:
Allister Thompson Finding You 04:07
Bert Hulshoff 04 - Between The Line. 17:02

End of program. Thanks so much for listening!

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