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Jared Rimer

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network status update [Apr. 16th, 2014|06:59 pm]
Jared Rimer
Hi folks,
Well, the web sites are slowly coming back online. It may be another few hours, and the move is necessary. I'm not going to disclose anything else, except to say that some techs did confirm there was an issue with the server we were on. This downtime was necessary, and hopefully we won't have any more issues like this. If there was a worm or trojan installed on the server, it would take a lot of time and money to try and track it down. People who do this can hide their tracks, and unfortunately, its hard to investigate. I did take a look out of curiosity at another company that is similar to what we have, and it does offer similar services. Like I told someone, this issue was here for awhile, and unfortunately, that can't hbe helped. There is no such thing as 100 percent uptime or close to it when issues like this occur. Things are going to happen, and we need to be allowing for that. While i braught up the issue to the provider about the potential worm or trojan, I wasnot happy about that, and knew there would be some serious downtime while they figured out what to do. I guess they provissioned another server for us to live either permanently or temporarily, at their disgression. I can't ask for anything better under these situations, and hopefully, we'll be all right within the coming days. I thank everyone for your patience, and please feel free to contact me with any specifics.