Jared Rimer (jrimer80) wrote,
Jared Rimer

Thoughts on last night and the topic of grandpa

So, Passover was celebrated with my side of the family last night, and talk about grandpa was going on after dinner. Everyone shared memories of him, and I always remember making tapes for him, being picky about the music I think he'd enjoy. He might be interested in my Magnatune and Independant Artist show i do each sunday on the mix each and every Sunday from noon to 3 central. Being exposed to music that you don't hear every day might be of interest to him. I've invested a lot of time in to this program, and I personally think he would love this program. I could hear him say that the music is different. How to get the show on to tape? That would be something challenging, and could take a couple of casettes to do. I wonder if it would even be worth it, or just send a link to one of my shows by E-mail? That would be good.

Different stories were talked about from bloody knees, to the bike rides around town. It was definitely interest to hear what everyone had to say.

The family misses you, grandpa, we hope you're feeling better.

Grandma says that she hopes you have a girl friend now.

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